Top 10 Breast Cancer Myths And Facts You Need To Know About

Breast Cancer Myths and Facts
17 Oct 2022
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Top 10 Breast Cancer Myths And Facts You Need To Know About

    Breast cancer is a commonly occurring cancer that most people are aware of. Where many women shy away from talking about breast cancer or sharing the symptoms they are experiencing until it gets worse, there is a whole different scenario regarding the cause behind breast cancer. There are some well-established breast cancer causes, and risk factors backed up with scientific research, but the number of misconceptions about what causes breast cancer cannot even be imagined.


    For years there have been various myths surrounding breast cancer, and these myths have reached a point where some people believe them to be true. And it is essential to know the difference between breast cancer myths and facts To celebrate breast cancer awareness month 2022, 

    Let’s debunk some popular breast cancer myths 


    MYTH 1: Any lump in the breast is cancer 


    FACT: Although a lump in the breast is a common breast cancer symptom, it is not true, as not all lumps are cancerous. Lump in the breast might also be due to a benign breast condition like cysts. However, it is better to get the lump diagnosed before declaring it as cancer. 


    MYTH 2: Breast cancer is something that can happen only to women.


    FACT: It is true that breast cancer primarily happens in women. However, even men are prone to developing it. 


    MYTH 3: Wearing an underwire bra can cause breast cancer. 


    FACT: No, wearing an underwire bra doesn’t cause cancer. There is no research evidence to support the association between wearing an underwire bra and breast cancer. However, there is a possibility that you might be wearing an ill-fitted bra that is causing the underwire to dig into the breast, thereby causing pain, itching, discomfort, or swelling. 


    MYTH 4: If breast cancer didn’t happen to anyone in your family, it wouldn’t happen to you.


    FACT: No, people with no family history of breast cancer may also develop it. Although family history is a potential risk factor for developing breast cancer, it is not the only one. There are various other risk factors of breast cancer that can put you at risk. 


    MYTH 5: An injury or trauma to the breast can cause breast cancer. 


    FACT: No, an injury or trauma to the breast doesn’t cause cancer. Although it is a common myth, no scientific evidence is available to back it up. However, if there is pain or any unusual changes in the breast post-trauma, it is better to seek advice from a healthcare provider. 


    MYTH 6: I am extremely healthy; I don’t need to worry about developing breast cancer.


    FACT: Yes, being healthy is essential to lower the risk of developing breast cancer. But it is not the only thing that reduces your risk. Various other causes and risk factors, like family history or radiation exposure, can also put you at risk of breast cancer. Hence, it is advisable to keep getting periodic screenings, as breast cancer can also happen to a healthy individual. 


    MYTH 7: If you’re applying an underarm antiperspirant, stop, as it can cause breast cancer.


    FACT: Using underarm antiperspirant cannot cause cancer. Although it is a popular belief, it is not true as there is no evidence available to draw a useful link between the use of an underarm antiperspirant and breast cancer.



    MYTH 8: Regular breast cancer screening can help in preventing breast cancer.


    FACT: No regular breast cancer screening can help in early detection and enabling its early treatment. It cannot prevent breast cancer. 


    MYTH 9: Only older women get breast cancer.


    FACT: No, breast cancer can affect anyone regardless of their age. 


    MYTH 10: Using a mobile phone can cause breast cancer.


    FACT: No. There is no strongly studied evidence of the association of using a mobile phone with breast cancer.


    Even if everyone believes it, a myth is not a fact 


    For decades, women have succumbed to the myths mentioned above of breast cancer, believing them to be true while ignoring the actual well-studied facts. Breast cancer might be popular, but the ideas in most peoples’ minds circling it are still vague. This shell of myths some people still believe in can only be broken by creating awareness. 


    Our responsibility towards a better, healthy, breast cancer-free society is to collectively join hands to know breast cancer better and create awareness. And to create awareness, it is best to start from our own homes by educating our families about breast cancer and encouraging them to do the same, as awareness is contagious. 


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