Learn All About Self Examination Of Breast

Learn All About Self Examination Of Breast
18 Oct 2022
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Learn All About Self Examination Of Breast

    Breast cancer 2022, also known as United States breast cancer Awareness month, organized a campaign in the month of october to develop awareness among people about breast cancer. Let's know about some interesting facts that every woman wants to know in this pink month.


    Why Is It So Important To Do Self-Examination Of Breasts?


    Self examination of the breast actually helps women in understanding the normal look and texture of the breast. In proper self-examination of the breast, if there are any changes noted they can go for further evaluation. Early detection of any malignancies or abnormal changes can create a better chance for curative treatment. One should do self-examination regularly so that they will become familiar with breast health and reduce the chance of spreading to different organs.


    “Early Detection Leads To Better Cure”

    Which Is The Best Time To Perform Self-Examination?


    Time plays a major role in self-examination because if it is done in the wrong time there will be fluctuations in the result. This might lead to a wrong examination and you cannot note important signs that you have to note for.


    • To get correct results, the procedure should be performed  3-5 days after periods ends because the swelling gets reduced when the menses starts, thereby you can miss out the actual changes that are occurring on breasts.
    • While taking showers, you can feel the texture and smoothness of breasts correctly
    • Lying on the bed flat or on flat surfaces in a relaxed way and looking for any changes can give exact results.

    2 Best Methods For Examination Of Breast


    The two methods for self breast examination are:


    • Mirror Examination Method
    • Palpation method

    1. Mirror Examination Method


    • Stand in front of the mirror in a relaxed way by resting on hips and looking for any changes in shape, size and asymmetry.
    • Stand straight and raise your hands and look for changes in the sides of the breast by moving right and left side.

    2. Palpation Method


    This method of self examination can be done in two postures.


    Lying posture: Lie on the bed or on a flat surface, so that breast tissue can spread evenly, and examine the breast for any hard lumps, swelling or pain in a circular examination       manner so that all the parts of the breast can be covered. 


    Standing posture: This procedure can be performed by sitting or standing posture. Palpate your breast in bare hands and press downward towards your hip. After lifting your breast note for changes in size and shape.


    You can identify the irregularities correctly while doing this examination during bath or standing, due to the smooth and slippery surface. Pulling the nipple inward in order to check any rashes, redness and look for any pus or bloody discharge

    What To Look For During Self Breast Examination?


    • Hard lumps in the breast
    • Shape, size, and irregularities
    • Itches, redness, swelling or pain
    • Pus discharge or bloody discharge in the nipple region.


    Inform your doctor if any of the signs and abnormalities are found. Diagnosing it earlier will improve more chances for a better and easy cure.

    Take Home Message


    On this breast cancer 2022, let's join hands to follow some preventive measures to reduce the risk of breast cancer.Do monthly breast self-examination. By doing this, it improves our breast health and helps in detecting early signs of breast cancer. Set a monthly reminder on your phone. Self-examination should be performed a week after your menses ends. 


    Connect with the clinics or health care providers who focus on awareness services including breast care screening.


    “Be Strong And Fight On”


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