10 Indian Celebrities With Cancer - February 4th

10 Indian Celebrities Who Survived Cancer
4 Feb 2023
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10 Indian Celebrities With Cancer - February 4th

    10 Indian Celebrities Who Survived Cancer - World Cancer Day


    The fourth of February is marked as world cancer day. Every year this day promotes cancer awareness, encourages its prevention, identification, and treatment, and relies on governments and individuals worldwide to take action. One of the most arduous battles one may endure is the fight against cancer. It is because cancer severely weakens your mental and physical health. It takes tremendous effort to undergo the hard and chaotic process of drugs and treatments, and for this reason, those who have braved this challenging path are called warriors. Many Indian celebrities with cancer have discussed their experiences with cancer in public. By sharing their story, they have been a source of inspiration to everyone struggling with cancer. 

    Let's take a look at some of the most well-known Indian Celebs who, after a valiant battle, overcame the fatal illness.

    1. Manisha Koirala

    "Cancer is not a death sentence," says Manisha Koirala, one of India's leading film actresses. She was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer in 2012. She traveled halfway around the world to the United States and opted for treatment in a New York hospital. She is tagged as one of the famous celebrity cancer survivors in India. After receiving the treatment for a year, she remained in remission for more than six years. Manisha wrote an autobiography book on her cancer journey, titled “Healed: How cancer gave me a new life,” in 2018 to encourage those dealing with the disease. She announced that she had been cancer free for the past ten years at the launch of India's first indigenous cervical cancer vaccine. After beating cancer and winning the battle, she is passionate about raising awareness of the disease. In a post, she also said, "I know the journey is tough, but you are tougher than that." which inspires many cancer sufferers to overcome the disease.

    2. Sonali Bendre

    In 2018, the iconic 1990s actress Sonali Bendre confirmed a diagnosis of Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Sonali stated in a recent interview that doctors said she only had a 30% chance of survival. She shared pictures of herself at each level of therapy and remained cheerful despite this throughout. Her smile remained untouched by the entire course of therapy and the diagnosis, which still made her stronger. On the occasion of World Cancer Day, Sonali wrote, "Your journey is going to be hard but try to fight it with hope and remember to switch on the sunshine and take one day at a time." She continuously motivated and inspired cancer patients to get treatment by posting various pictures on social media. She is now cancer-free and has demonstrated great bravery, patience, and willpower during her recovery period.

    3. Sanjay Dutt

    In August 2020, shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic had just begun, famous Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He underwent hours and hours of chemotherapy cycles and received treatment in Dubai. Sanjay Dutt revealed that although the diagnosis and treatment were very difficult for him and his family, the journey built him into a much more resilient soldier. He declared and celebrated his victory over cancer on his children's birthday and starred in many movies. He has been a great source of inspiration for many cancer survivors.

    4. Yuvraj Singh 

    One of the best all-rounders in Indian cricket history is Yuvraj Singh, a retired cricketer from India. In 2011, he was found to have mediastinal seminoma, a rare lung cancer affecting the tissues in the chest between the lungs. He underwent chemotherapy treatment in the USA and returned to India in March 2012. He dealt with his cancer positively and made a successful comeback by participating in the 2012 T20 World Cup. Additionally, he established the YouWeCan Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organization, to raise money for cancer treatment. He has supported cancer-related causes and promoted cancer awareness using his profile as a successful cricketer. He is deemed one of the well-known celebrity cancer survivors in India. It is apparent from all of this that cancer is treatable and curable. One such example of this is Yuvraj's recovery story.

    Yuvraj Singh taught us that "when it comes to cancer, the only choice we have is to get up." He still inspires cancer survivors with his quotes on recovery and by doing awareness campaigns. 

    5. Kirron Kher

    Veteran actor-politician Kirron Kher was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer, in 2021. Despite the worsening effects of cancer, she never stopped working. She stated that she continued to work while receiving treatment at the hospital. The actor also spoke honestly about the suffering one experiences while receiving therapy, saying, "It's not the ideal situation to be in. Par yeh zindagi hai (but this is life). One learns to deal with it and carry on. There's no way out except to treat it. Nobody likes going through the treatment or its side effects." She beat the illness and is still a guiding light for cancer patients. The actress is now seen appearing as a panel judge on the program "India's Got Talent."

    6. Lisa Ray 

    Indian-Canadian actress Lisa Ray has been diagnosed with the rare and fatal blood cancer, multiple myeloma. She received a stem cell transplant after four months of chemotherapy. She talks about being a movie star and overcoming the deadly illness in her new autobiography, "close to the bone." Her personal blog, titled "The Yellow Diaries," detailed her experience with multiple myeloma (MM). "After receiving allopathic cancer treatment, healing got started. Her attention then turned to restoring her immune system and resetting her emotional and psychological systems. She also expressed that nutrition, ayurveda, meditation, and counseling were the pillars and played a major role in her recovery. 

    7. Gautami Tadimalla  

    Gautami is a breast cancer survivor celebrity in India; It has been a long road to recovery for her ever since she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 35. She asserts that communication and idea-sharing are the first steps toward empowerment. She recently began a radio show where she speaks to listeners and inspires them to face life head-on. She has started a Life Again foundation which actively assists people living with cancer through a network of volunteers and NGOs in many cities. She also participated in various cancer awareness programs to assist cancer patients in any way she could.

    8. Anurag Basu

    Cancer does not have to define you. 

    Well-known talented filmmaker Anurag Basu was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2004. Even though his doctors said he had only two weeks left to live, he battled cancer and survived. His outlook on life has shifted since his fight against cancer. It's been more than 10 years since he recovered from the disease, and he's made many blockbuster films.

    9. Tahira Kashyap

    Tahira Kashyap, a famous film director, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018. She didn't hide her diagnosis; instead, she decided to document it to inspire other women around the world. She completed her treatment in January 2019 and is no longer cancerous! Tahira's story and struggle have given her a lot of encouragement and a stronger belief in her power. She also posted pictures of herself going bald to show her fans that it's nothing to be ashamed of and that it's all part of the process. She has always recommended early detection of breast cancer and continues to empower women all over the world to speak up, share, and own their journeys.

    10. Rakesh Roshan

    Multi-talented renowned director Rakesh Roshan, the father of Hrithik Roshan, was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, a type of throat cancer, in 2018. Rakesh's lifestyle has changed, and he has become more disciplined due to his cancer battle. "This disease must be fought with a strong mind. The victory had to be achieved through the triumph of the mind over matter," he stated. He is now living a healthy lifestyle after battering the deadly disease.

    Difficult Roads Can Lead Up To Beautiful Destinations. 

    Cancer is one such long-running battle that has merely distorted the lives of many of our cherished ones. It isn't easy to find true heroes with inspiring stories that are motivating and believable in an industry that is full of false notions, publicity, the fame game, and allure. Over time, the industry has witnessed an admirable shift in which Indian celebrities with cancer have come to the forefront with their stories shared in both the film and the real world. Many Indian celebrities have been diagnosed with breast cancer; while some have overcome the odds, others are still fighting and encouraging their millions of followers to do the same.

    "Live to inspire, and one day people will say because of you, I didn't give up."

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