How Can Adverse Events Of Chemotherapy Be Taken Care Of At The Treatment Stage?

26 Sep 2022
3 mins

Adverse events or side effects are unwanted effects of medication that can be something minor, like fever, cold, or vomiting to something that can become potentially fatal, like kidney, liver, or cardiac damage. 


Chemotherapy is a treatment method that uses medications to destroy cancer cells. Although chemotherapy is a highly effective treatment option for cancer patients, there are certain adverse events that might occur. The occurrence and severity of these adverse events may differ from one patient to another, and not everyone might experience it. 


Preparing the patient prior to the beginning of a chemotherapy session is essential as it aids in reducing adverse events. In this video, Dr. Radheshyam Naik, Medical Oncologist at Sampraddha Cancer Centre, Bangalore, explains the ways to reduce the adverse events in chemotherapy.

Dr. Radheshyam NaikMedical Oncologist at Sampraddha Cancer Centre38 Years
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