Breast Cancer Drugs Get Cheaper In India - Palbociclib Off-Patent

B343 - Breast Cancer Drugs Get Cheaper In India - Palbociclib Off-Patent
11 Feb 2023
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Breast Cancer Drugs Get Cheaper In India - Palbociclib Off-Patent

    Game-Changing Scenario For Breast Cancer Treatment


    Blockbuster Palbociclib breast cancer medicine reduced its cost by 90% overnight. Generic competitors entered the market with a huge milestone in curing cancer.  


    Prevalence Of Breast Cancer


    Today, In India, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every four minutes. According to the cancer registry in India, approximately 2 lakh new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed every year; the prevalence of breast cancer has outdistanced cervical cancer and has become the number one cancer among Indian females. Tragically, a woman loses her life every eight minutes in the country due to breast cancer, accounting for 90,000 deaths per year. With the emotional burden, nowadays, the economic burden also gives a devastating blow to cancer patients. Still, the good news is the treatment for breast cancer in India has become unbelievably cheaper since the palbociclib patent news. 


    Palbociclib Off-patent - How Does It Benefit Breast Cancer Patients?


    On one side, with continuous advancements in cancer, Pfizer's medication for breast cancer, known as Palbociclib, went off-patent, which means the medicine no longer requires exclusive marketing rights on the flip side. This happened exactly on January 10 at midnight. The situation has opened the market for making more generic medicine in India. Lower prices by reputed drug manufacturers were a huge relief for patients because it would increase drug accessibility and affordability. Several other Indian companies are also preparing generic versions of this medication, and experts in the field predict a considerable decline in price in the near future.


    Life-Saving Breast Cancer Medicine


    Palbociclib was first approved on February 3, 2015, by USFDA. EMA and CDSCO eventually approved it for treating advanced or metastatic breast cancer in women. To illustrate better, the branded version of Palbociclib costs up to INR 80,000 per month. The generic versions cost less than INR 10,000. The genetic variant of the breast cancer drug, Palbociclib breast cancer medicine slashed the treatment costs by up to 95%. This development's advantage will greatly increase survival rate and medication compliance and bring more patients to get regular treatment and follow-up. Additionally, various manufacturers' Patient Assistance Programs will benefit cancer patients in many ways. 


    Cost reduction of this frequently used drug is a lifesaver for females suffering from breast cancer. It already seems that almost 14 pharma companies are starting to manufacture or are manufacturing the generic version of Palbociclib. Some people may need the palbociclib breast cancer treatment for a prolonged period, and these generic variants are highly appreciated to bail them out. 


    Many Indian Pharmaceutical companies, including Sun Pharma, Glenmark, Zydus, Cipla, and Alkem, are also preparing palbociclib generic versions of the drug. The generic version of palbociclib medicine has slashed the treatment cost up to 95% in India.


    Right Choice Is The Best Choice!


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    Disclaimer: Consult your Doctor/ Oncologist before making any changes to your medication.

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