Be Aware Of These Risk Factors To Prevent Stomach Cancer

Preventing Stomach Cancer - Understanding The Risk Factors
27 Aug 2022
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Be Aware Of These Risk Factors To Prevent Stomach Cancer

    Stomach cancer is a gastrointestinal cancer characterized by the abnormal growth of rapidly multiplying and dividing cells. It is a state in which cancer cells form in the stomach. 


    Although the exact causes of stomach cancer are not known. There are a few risk factors that are linked to being associated with stomach cancer. They are:


    • Family history of stomach cancers
    • H. Pylori (Helicobacter Pylori) infection
    • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
    • Unhealthy dietary choices
    • Obesity
    • Stomach polyps
    • Gastritis
    • Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption
    • Long term exposure to chemicals like coal, rubber, and metals
    • Epstein-Barr virus infection.

    Prevention Is Better Than Cure

    Awareness regarding the risk factors of gastric cancer is extremely important to prevent the risk of developing stomach cancer. There are various risks associated with stomach cancer, and awareness regarding lowering these risks will reduce the chances of developing stomach cancer.

    Let's learn the following measures are:


    1. Regular screening: Getting screened regularly is the key to reducing the risk of developing stomach cancer as it will help in the early detection of cancer which will aid in its early treatment.
    2. Know your family history: Knowing your family history is vital to lower the risk as it will help you get screened regularly.
    3. Treat H. Pylori infection: H. Pylori infections are common, and their infection can affect the stomach lining, thereby causing ulcers. Certain studies have shown that H. Pylori infection increases the chances of stomach cancer as they affect the cells lining the stomach, and these stomach cells might develop into abnormal cells leading to stomach cancer. Treating the H. Pylori infection as soon as possible with antibiotics can help lower the risk of developing stomach cancer.
    4. Treating Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD): Proper treatment for GERD and gastritis can help lower the risk of stomach cancer.
    5. A Healthy Diet Plan: Eating a diet rich in nutrients is vital. A diet containing fruits and vegetables is essential for stomach cancer prevention. Foods loaded with vitamins and beta carotene reduce the risk of stomach cancer. A diet low in sodium can also lower the chances of stomach cancer. Dietary supplements can also be taken to prevent the risk. Reducing smoked food consumption is also essential.
    6. Healthy weight: Maintaining a healthy weight and regularly exercising will help in remaining fit, which will help lower the risk of cancer.
    7. Stop alcohol intake: Excessive alcohol consumption increases the risk of stomach cancer. Limiting or completely stopping alcohol intake can be beneficial in lowering the risk of getting stomach cancer. 
    8. Stop smoking: Smoking is associated with stomach cancer and various other cancers as well. Quitting the habit of smoking will lower the risk of stomach cancer and other cancers too.
    9. Stomach polyps: Stomach polyps are clusters of cells that form on the stomach linings. These polyps might sometimes develop into cancerous cells. Screening and treating these polyps in the early stages can help in stomach cancer prevention.
    10. Lowering chemical exposure: People working in industries can reduce exposure to chemicals like metals, coal, and rubber by following the necessary protective measures. This, thereby, will lower their risk of being affected by stomach cancer.
    11. Treating Epstein-Barr virus infection: Certain studies have linked Epstein-Barr virus infection to stomach cancer. Treatment of Epstein-Barr virus infection can help reduce stomach cancer risk.


    Our Safety Lies In Our Own Hands 


    Certain risk factors of cancer are not in our control like family history, and Contracting infections.. However, certain risk factors like dietary choices, lifestyle changes, not smoking and consuming alcohol are in our control. With just a few efforts to prevent these risk factors, screening and treating them in the earlier stages can reduce the possibility of developing stomach and various other cancers. It is also essential to create awareness among your kith and kin about what causes stomach cancer and how it can be prevented as awareness is contagious.


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