Breast Cancer FAQs

Breast Cancer - FAQs
25 Oct 2022
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Breast Cancer FAQs

    Since it is October, it is the time to celebrate breast cancer awareness month. On the one hand, breast cancer needs no introduction, as it is a commonly occurring cancer. On the other hand, it is still a topic many women refrain from discussing. In our previous blog, we discussed the top 12 FAQs of breast cancer. But when it comes to a disease like cancer, the questions, the what ifs, and the buts are never-ending. So, keeping that in mind, here’s another blog on some interesting breast cancer FAQs you either didn’t think about or are shy of asking. 

    Top 9 Interesting Breast Cancer FAQs

    1. If I Get My Underarm Hair Removed Using Laser Therapy, Will I Get Breast Cancer? 

    No, laser therapy for underarm hair removal cannot cause breast cancer. This is because laser therapy uses non-ionizing radiation, which is different from the UV rays (UVA and UAB) produced by the sun and the ionizing radiation (X-rays), which are known to induce cancer by causing DNA damage. 

    2. Can I Get Breast Cancer From Not Breastfeeding?


    Certain research studies suggest that women not breastfeeding are at a high risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. It is advised to discuss with your healthcare provider any doubt regarding breastfeeding, as your healthcare provider will give you the right advice after checking your overall health. 

    3. What Will Be The Long-Term And Late Side Effects Of Breast Cancer Treatment?


    The long-term and late side effects of breast cancer treatment that may occur are fatigue, peripheral neuropathy, dental problems, musculoskeletal problems, heart or bone problems, cataracts, or the development of new cancers. However, it is important to know that the appearance and severity of side effects differ from one patient to another and that not everyone will experience them.

    4. I’m Lactating, But I’m Not Pregnant. Do I Have To Be Concerned About It Being A Sign Of Breast Cancer? 


    No, lactating while not pregnant is called galactorrhea (a condition where the breasts produce milk or milk-like discharge unexpectedly). There is no connection between galactorrhea and breast cancer. 

    5. What Does Mastectomy Mean?


    Mastectomy is a treatment procedure where the entire breast is removed through surgery. Mastectomy is done to treat or prevent breast cancer.

    6. Can I Get Pregnant After Surviving Breast Cancer? 


    Breast cancer survivors trying to get pregnant are usually advised to wait for at least 2 years after completing breast cancer treatment before they start planning a baby again. 

    7. I Am In My Stage I Of Breast Cancer. Can I Survive This? 


    Breast cancer in its stage I is highly treatable. And with the right treatment, there are great chances of surviving breast cancer for 5 or more years. Discussing the right treatment option and prognosis with your doctor after being diagnosed with breast cancer is advised.

    8. Can An Injury Or Trauma To The Breast Give Me Breast Cancer?


    Although it is a common thought, there is no research data supporting the link between an injury or trauma to the breast and breast cancer. If there is pain or any unusual changes in the breast post-trauma, it is better to seek advice from a healthcare provider. 

    9. Will I Get Breast Cancer If I Wear An Underwire Bra?


    There is no research evidence to support the link between wearing an underwire bra and breast cancer. Wearing a bra or not wearing one is a personal choice and must be done without being afraid of whether it will put you at risk of developing breast cancer. 


    Wrap Up


    Although breast cancer is common, many women feel ashamed of asking questions about it. However, it is necessary to educate women about breast cancer. It is essential to encourage them to do a monthly self-breast examination. This is because monthly self-breast examinations can help women in early cancer screening and its proper diagnosis. Once diagnosed in its early stage, breast cancer can be treated easily. 


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