Top Cancer Hospitals In Chennai 2023

Top Cancer Hospitals In Chennai 2023
20 Feb 2023
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Top Cancer Hospitals In Chennai 2023

    A breakthrough in cancer care!


    Cancer treatment has become one of the fastest-growing healthcare imperatives across the globe. Cancer care hospitals offer a comprehensive approach to addressing this growing problem. 


    Screening for cancer regularly is important to enabling its early diagnosis and treatment. There are various hospitals across the globe providing the early detection and best treatment for cancer. Choosing a hospital for cancer treatment is surely a difficult task. Various factors like the type of hospital, its reputation, the doctor's expertise and experience, facilities available at the hospital, and the cost of the treatment are to be considered. The city of Chennai, located in Tamil Nadu, India, also has many top cancer hospitals with some of the best technologies, facilities, and oncologists.


    Look no further! This blog post will cover the top cancer hospitals in Chennai based on the quality of care and reputation. 

    Chennai's Top Well-Recognized Cancer Hospitals

    Adyar Cancer Institute 


    With Humanity And Wisdom!


    The Cancer Institute (WIA - Womens' Indian Association), also known as Adyar cancer institute, is a non-profit, non-commercial network of cancer treatment and research facilities with headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Their objective is to provide diagnosis and scientific treatment and promote health education among all sections of people irrespective of social or economic class. The cancer institute established the first linear accelerator in the entire country in 1976. 


    It is one of Chennai's most well-known cancer treatment facilities, offering excellent cancer care and first-rate medical support. Some of their services include radiation oncology, surgical, medical, pediatric oncology, psycho-oncology, and palliative care. Adyar cancer institute also provides extensive diagnostic support services to in-patients and out-patients.

    Apollo Hospitals 


    A New Frontier In Cancer Care! 


    Apollo cancer center, an exclusive cancer treatment center, is tenaciously fighting the war against cancer. They provide significant relief to cancer patients by assisting in receiving the appropriate therapy at the early stages of cancer. One of their major milestones is launching South India's First ExcelsiusGPS® Spine Robot, and they have performed 50 surgeries till this date.


    Apollo multispeciality hospitals provide comprehensive cancer care with the best treatment facilities in Chennai. The tumor board team provides outstanding robotic cancer surgery, highly integrated tomotherapy, sophisticated proton therapy, individualized treatment, generation-next personalized cancer therapy, stem cell, and bone-marrow transplants, and integrated pathology for precise diagnostics. 


    Apollo Proton Cancer Centre (APCC) in Chennai is the first and only proton therapy center in South Asia and the Middle East, offering the most advanced cancer care. A primary care program must include rehabilitation, counseling, and support. At Apollo, they take every possible measure to ensure that their patients are as comfortable and well cared for as possible. With a team of highly experienced and qualified medical, surgical, and radiology oncologists, diagnostic consultants, medical counselors, speech therapists, dieticians, and other professionals, Apollo hospitals are a good choice to get cancer treatment. 

    Madras Cancer Care Foundation


    A group of oncologists formed the Madras Cancer Care Foundation (MCCF), an oncology group practice, in 2007. The group operates from Apollo Specialty Hospital, Kumaran Hospital, and The Voluntary Health Services Hospital (VHS), three hospitals in Chennai, offering both in-patient and out-patient services. Additionally, it is dedicated to cancer research, developing workshops for cancer rehabilitation and cancer and palliative care awareness. Medical oncology, organ-specific surgical oncology, head and neck oncology, radiation oncology, palliative oncology, hereditary cancer clinic, and psycho-oncology are some specialization areas. The Palliative Oncology Branch offers hospice care exclusively at the VHS facility in complement to in-patient, out-patient, pain clinic, and home-based palliative care services. Certainly, it is considered to be one of the top cancer care hospitals in Chennai.

    Fortis Hospitals


    Mecca Of Medicine - Ultimate Healthcare Destination


    For more than three decades, both in India and overseas, Fortis Hospital has been a pioneer in providing holistic advanced medical treatment, including diagnostic, surgical, interventional, and paramedical services. It is also recognized as Asia's fastest-growing hospital network. It is one of the best cancer treatment hospitals in Chennai and a leading multi-specialty hospital in general. The motto "patient first" and the committed team of oncologists and medical professionals, supported by highly trained paramedical staff, state-of-the-art facilities, labs equipped with cutting-edge technologies, and infrastructure, ensure a wide range of top-quality cancer care services that are in line with changing global medical standards and advancements.  


    Together with a team of medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists, physiotherapists, dieticians, specialist cancer nurses, geneticists, physiologists, medical ethics committee, and psychologists, Fortis Malar manifests to be one of the top cancer hospitals in Chennai.

    Dr. Rai Memorial Medical Centre


    We Will Take Care!


    Established in the year 1962 by one of the most renowned Radiologists in India, Dr. K.M.Rai. The center started small but has gradually developed and is now equipped with all modern amenities and equipment. Their mission is to inspire, share hope and contribute to health & well-being by providing the best patient care. The cancer center offers a full spectrum of medical services, including the most recent advancements in diagnosing, preventing, researching, and treating the disease. The Centre has a panel of Specialists in various disciplines like Radiation Oncology, Surgical Oncology, and Medical Oncology. Their services are offered regularly and as a consultancy basis for treating patients with various cancer diseases. They also provide boundless nursing assessment and support, rapid scheduling of appointments, insurance issues, second opinions, clinical trials, and patient service.

    SIMS Hospital


    One of the top cancer hospitals in Chennai is SIMS Hospital. They provide complete 360-degree advanced tertiary healthcare services. Following in the footsteps of the SRM Group, a significant group with a dominant presence in education, medicine, transportation, and infotainment, the SIMS hospital aspires to build trust and excellence. They are skilled in managing various illnesses, including breast oncology, colorectal cancer, skin cancer, thyroid procedures, head and neck cancer, and bone marrow transplants. The hospital's medical oncology department comprises a three-bed dedicated stem cell transplant unit, an immunological intensive care unit, a daycare chemotherapy unit, and blood bank support services, including cryopreservation specialized apheresis machine. 

    MIOT International


    Putting Patients First Is Our Way Of Life


    The Multi-speciality hospital offers a relaxing, top-notch atmosphere and extensive, cutting-edge facilities to ensure that the patients feel at ease and get the correct cancer treatment immediately. A team of experts available all day and night, state-of-the-art diagnostic and imaging facilities on campus and all treatment under one roof provide cancer patients with three-fold advantages. They offer various treatments, from conventional therapy to the latest immunotherapy, making them one of the top cancer hospitals in Chennai. MIOT International is a good choice for initiating cancer treatment. 

    MGM Healthcare Cancer Institute


    Cancer Ends! Life Happens


    Located at the heart of Chennai city, the institute is committed to providing upper-edge cancer care that focuses on improved clinical outcomes, patient safety, and patient satisfaction while rooted in kindness and hope. MGM cancer institute provides a new outlook on cancer by offering 24/7 expertise in medical emergencies, reducing the hospital stays by performing minimally invasive and daycare surgeries. Psycho-oncologist conducts regular counseling sessions and is committed to providing rehabilitation services for functional recovery after treatment.

    VS Hospitals 


    Let's Beat Cancer Together!


    The VS hospitals offer the highest care and various healthcare services, particularly in oncology, with a specialized team of knowledgeable oncologists. At VS Hospital, every procedure and activity is entirely transparent and compassionate. They are expertise in providing excellent cancer care in a cost-effective manner, which is accessible to a common citizen. They also have a special department for providing great facilities for international patients, remarking itself as one of the top cancer hospitals in Chennai. Chennai's first ICU with Anti microbial Bio Clad was implemented in VS hospital.


    Kauvery Cancer Center


    A cancer diagnosis can be distressing for the patient and the entire family, causing severe anxiety, stress, and confusion. Kauvery Cancer Center provides all-inclusive oncological treatment services ranging from neck and head tumors to palliative care. They provide the best screening clinic for breast and cervix cancer in Chennai. Furthermore, they also have a preventive oncology clinic and a tobacco de-addiction clinic for creating awareness on preventing cancers and helping patients quit smoking.

    Gleneagles Global Hospitals


    One-Stop Destination Solution For All Cancer Patients


    India's cancer treatment facilities usually employ a vertical approach. However, at Gleneagles Global Hospitals, the approach to treatment is integrated, involving top doctors from several other medical specialties to create "Multi Super Specialty Organ-Specific Cancer Care." They provide end-to-end cancer care services, from treatment and disease management for various illnesses like anal cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc., to rehabilitation.

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