What is the Coviself Testing Kit? How do you use it?

What is the Coviself Testing Kit? How do you use it?
5 Oct 2021
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What is the Coviself Testing Kit? How do you use it?

    Coviself testing Kit (Rapid antigen test) is India’s first self-use rapid test for Covid-19. Anyone can use this kit at home to check whether the person is Covid-positive or Covid-negative. You can get your results within 15 minutes.

    This Covid-19 testing at home is recommended for symptomatic individuals and immediate contacts of confirmed positive cases.

    This testing kit contains one pre-filled extraction tube, one sterile nasal safe swab, one instruction manual, one test card and one disposal bag.


    Step-wise procedure for using Coviself testing kit


    1. Download the Mylab Coviself app from the play store or app store and fill in all the details.
    2. Wash your hands and dry thoroughly before starting the procedure. Open the pouch containing the test device.
    3. Scan the QR code on the test device to link the code with your credentials.
    4. Tap the pre-filled extraction tube to ensure the liquid settles at the bottom.
    5. Open the swab package at the tail end and take the swab out without touching the head.
    6. Insert the sterile swab into one nostril until the resistance is met or up to 2-4 cm. Roll the swab 5 times inside the nostril. Repeat this for other nostrils using the same swab. Withdraw the swab.
    7. Unscrew the cap of the pre-filled extraction tube and hold it in your hand without spilling contents.
    8. Dip the nasal swab in a pre-filled extraction tube.
    9. Pinch the extraction tube at the bottom and swirl the swab ten times to immerse well.
    10. You will see a breakpoint at the swab. Break the swab at a breakpoint. Discard the remainder of the swab and mix well.
    11. Cover the tube with the attached nozzle cap tightly.
    12. Add two drops of the mixture into the sample well of the test device by pressing the tube.
    13. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes for the results to appear. The application on your phone will alarm you to capture the result.
    14. Take the test device and click the picture. The app will analyze and display your COVID-19 test results.


    • If the quality control line is not observed in the test device, the test is invalid
    • Results that appear after 20 minutes are invalid
    • Once the test is over, put all the test components inside the disposal bag provided and discard it in the household waste bin.

    What is the working mechanism of the Coviself (Rapid antigen) testing kit?


    If you are a virus-infected person, the swab collected will have antigens. The antigens will react with COVID-19 antibodies placed on the test device to form a test band (Test line) on the device. The appearance of test line T along with the control line C indicates the positive result for antigen. If there is only control line C, it indicates the result is negative.

    Does the Coviself testing kit for covid-19 testing at home give the correct results?

    Yes, but you have to follow the test procedure completely to obtain 100% correct results. 

    How reliable is the Coviself covid-19 rapid antigen self-test kit?

    The test result’s reliability depends on a few factors: the person’s ability to take a sample and perform the test exactly as per instructions, the viral load at the time of collecting the sample, and the number of cases in the population when the test is taken.


    How accurate is the rapid covid test kit Coviself?

    This testing Kit detects the proteins from the virus. Molecular test (also called as RT-PCR tests) detects the genetic material of the COVID-19 virus.  This rapid antigen kit is not as sensitive as molecular tests. It means that a positive result is highly accurate. 

    The negative result may be a false negative. False-negative results can occur if the poor quality of the specimen is obtained or the antigen in the specimen is below the sensitivity of the test.


    Will an airline passenger be allowed to travel with a negative report of the Coviself testing kit tested at home? 

    Coviself testing Kit is not as sensitive as molecular tests. 

    Persons detected as negative through the Covid - 19 testing at home have chances of having the infection. Symptomatic individuals and individuals who are immediate contacts of positive cases must get RT-PCR done to rule out the infection. 

    If you got the results negative in the self kit test and you are non-symptomatic, please go through the regulations of the country or state you are planning to visit. Because, based on the number of cases and certain aspects, the requirements of the RT-PCR test vary between states and countries for travelling.


    Is Coviself rapid antigen report accepted by domestic airlines? Will this testing kit be allowed in tourism?

    The Union government has advised states that asymptomatic, fully vaccinated persons do not need RT-PCR test certificates to travel. Some states seek RT-PCR test certificates compulsorily even when the passengers are fully vaccinated. Please go through the regulations of the state you are planning to visit. 


    Can the Coviself kit be used on infants of 1 year?

    No. Persons aged 18 and older can use this kit with self-collected nasal swab specimens. This test is also authorized for adult collected samples from individuals aged two years or older.


    Which other countries have Covid-19 self-testing kits like Coviself in India?

    BinaxNowTM Covid-19AgCARD is the US-based kit produced by healthcare and medical devices company Abbott. COVID-19 Ag Home test is a South Korean based kit produced by medical device company SD Biosensor.


    Can one testing kit be used more than once?

    No, it is for single use only. You should dispose of all the components of the kit once the test is over.

    How many times can we test in the Coviself testing Kit?

    It involves swab collection only. The swab is specially designed to avoid discomfort. This swab is not sharp, and it will not hurt. You may feel slightly uncomfortable or tickly when taking the swab. So, it can be used as many times as you require genuinely. Avoid testing unnecessarily. Use it if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 and if you recently met COVID-19 positive patients. 


    Can I perform the test if I experience congestion in the nostrils?

    You need to decongest your nostrils by removing the mucous. After this, you can follow the test procedure.


    How to preserve the rapid antigen kit, Coviself?

    You can store this kit at room temperature. Keep it away from direct sunlight and children. Do not freeze any of the components of this kit or use them after the expiration date.


    What is the price of the rapid antigen kit, Coviself in India, approved by ICMR?

    The price of this kit is 250 rupees.


    When will the Coviself testing kit be available in the market in India?

    It is currently available in the market in India.


    Where can I buy an online Coviself covid 19 antigen test kit?

    You can buy a Coviself kit on online pharmacies like Mrmed Super Speciality Pharmacy and receive it earliest possible. You can also check the distributor’s list on coviself.com



    If your test results are positive, you are considered as true positive, and no need for further testing. Follow home isolation and care.

    If your test results are negative, you need to get yourself immediately tested by RT-PCR. Until you get the results of the RT-PCR test, follow home isolation.


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