7 Indian Celebrities With Diabetes

7 Indian Celebrities with diabetes
9 Dec 2022
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7 Indian Celebrities With Diabetes

    Diabetes is a disease needing no introduction. One of the most common conditions that have been affecting people all over the world is diabetes. There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Type 1 diabetes is insulin-dependent diabetes, and type 2 is non-insulin dependent diabetes. 


    For years people have been battling diabetes. And being a disease with no cure, diabetes needs to be managed properly to have an improved quality of life. A lot of people believe that it is difficult to manage diabetes. But some people make the right lifestyle choices and manage diabetes. Some inspiration to manage diabetes can be taken from some famous Indian celebrities who have managed the chronic disease effectively. Yes, you read it right, famous celebrities!


    7 Indian Celebrities With Diabetes 


    Here's a list of top Indian personalities who have diabetes and have managed it well


    1. Samantha Ruth Prabhu 


    A popular name and one of the fittest actresses today, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, had disclosed being diagnosed with diabetes, in an interview in 2013. However, she revealed she gained control of this disease by eating healthy, exercising regularly, and monitoring the symptoms regularly.

    2. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja 


    The diva and one of the best fashion icons today, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, has type 1 diabetes. At 17, Sonam was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes), which was inherited. Apart from type 1 diabetes, Sonam also has Polycystic Ovarian Disorder (PCOD). We cannot imagine how hectic and stressful it must be to strike a balance between career and health, but Sonam Kapoor managed to overcome this with her diet and regular exercise. She prefers physical activities like swimming to going to the gym to stay fit, and she always advises her fans to eat healthy diets and workout regularly to stay healthy.


    3. Kamal Hassan


    This living legend is proof of how diabetes can be managed effectively. Kamal Hassan is a warrior of type 1 diabetes. Opening up about his condition, Kamal has said that diabetes is just a metabolic disorder that can be conquered. His regular workouts at the gym and complete refraining from alcohol helped him to succeed in his battle with diabetes, and ensure that it does not impact his career, looks and the overall life. Kamal Hasan also believes in yoga and its various health benefits.


    4. Gaurav Kapoor


    'I occasionally binge on a pizza or satisfy my craving with fried food' - Gaurav Kumar. A popular TV face, Gaurav Kapoor, was diagnosed with diabetes when he was just 22. In an article, he opens up about his battle with diabetes and how he altered his lifestyle to manage the ailment. He ensures eating healthy by carrying home-cooked food for the shoots. Regular exercise and functional training is something that is non negotiable for him. He also advises about making wise choices? when home food is not possible.


    5. Sudha Chandran


    Another popular TV star, Sudha Chandran, has been battling with diabetes for a long time. However, with a good diet and healthy lifestyle, Sudha Chandran managed her diabetes well. According to Sudha, food is just a part of life, not everything in life. She is very particular about her diet and prefers only homemade food. She is a strict vegetarian and loves eating south Indian food like idli and dosa. She avoids ice cream, chocolates, and junk food. In collaboration with a homegrown brand, she created awareness about the condition with ayurvedic preventative solutions. On the collaboration, Sudha Chandran said, "I often encourage people to take preventative and management measures to avoid extreme circumstances. I have controlled my diabetes with the simple 'AES' method, Ayurveda-Exercising-Sleeping.'


    6. Anil Kumble


    Ace baller, commentator and coach Anil Kumble is another patient who has been successful in his battle against type 1 diabetes. Kumble said that he draws his set of inspiration from the famous ex-Pakistani fast bowler Wasim Akram. He believes that the management of diabetes is highly possible with regular exercise, mental discipline, and clean eating. During a diabetes awareness program, he created among women, he said that "Women bother about the welfare of everybody in the family, but hardly take care of their own well-being". He believed that exercise such as walking, running, and yoga is very important to lead a diabetes-free healthy life.


    7. Rekha 


    A few years ago, Veteran actress Rekha was diagnosed with diabetes. She maintains a strict workout routine, including meditation and yoga. Rekha's diet includes simple foods such as salads, vegetables, rice, chapati and dal. She avoids junk food and fried foods. She regularly eats an early dinner by 7.30pm to maintain a gap of 3 hours between dinner and sleep, which helps in maintaining blood sugar levels.


    If They Can, So Can You!


    Thousands of people have been battling with diabetes for years. Some people make it possible to manage diabetes by adopting healthy lifestyle choices. In contrast, some people find it difficult to manage diabetes, some develop complications due to diabetes, and some even succumb to it.

    In spite of their hectic schedule and travel, the above-mentioned Indian celebrities with diabetes are determined to follow their diet charts and keep control of their diabetes. They have proved that nothing is impossible in this world, if one knows how to tackle it. By taking them as a source of inspiration, people who are suffering from diabetes should follow a healthy diet and lifestyle to battle this metabolic disease. Diabetes isn't as dangerous as people consider it to be. With the right lifestyle modifications like eating a healthy, clean diet, exercising regularly, sleeping on time, managing stress, etc., diabetes can be effectively managed.


    'Managing Your Diabetes Is Not A Science, It's An Art'

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