Top 10 Reasons Why Winter is Wonderful

Top 10 reasons why winter is wonderful
15 Dec 2022
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Top 10 Reasons Why Winter is Wonderful

    Top 10 Reasons Why Winter Is Wonderful

    Winter is Around every corner, and temperatures are dropping!

    Generally, everyone does not enjoy winter due to its freezing temperatures and how it is kept to feel under the weather. Even though there are many unwanted health impacts during winter, there are many best things about the winter season. Have you ever wondered about the positive effects of cold weather on health? Thinking about what they are? Then grab a cup of hot coffee and delve into this blog. This blog projects ten surprising facts about the positive health benefits of cold weather. 


    1. Gain Goodnight Sleep


    As the days get colder, waking up early in the morning will become less difficult in the winter. That brings some good things like preventing insomnia and promoting good sleep quality. According to the national sleep foundation, sleeping for long hours is more natural in cold weather. Usually, sleep is regulated and maintained by an internal clock in our body known as the "circadian rhythm." When we try to fall asleep, our body's internal temperature starts to dip slightly and fluctuates to maintain good sleep. This process may take two to three hours during summer, which might be quick in winter. Furthermore, daylight and darkness play a vital role in regulating melatonin levels (sleep hormone). The brain produces more melatonin in response to darkness, especially during winter nights, which will help you sleep better.

    2. Slim Down Your Weight


    One of the best things about winter is to stay warm; the human body uses more energy to generate heat. It increases the body's metabolism by burning calories without any exercise. Breaking down the calories might not be more visible, but you will lose weight during winter. Increasing brown fat is another way to burn calories. There are three types of fat cells in our body white, brown, and beige. Even though some fats may cause harmful effects, others are necessary and beneficial. One such type is brown fat which helps to burn fatty acids. Interestingly, during winter, our body increases the brown fat. 


    3. Ease Of Your Pain And Inflammation


     The arrival of winter might be a battle for those with arthritis and knee pain, but exercising during cold weather may ease the inflammation and soreness in your joints. It is like placing an ice pack in inflammation. A study has shown that athletes recover faster after injuries when exposed to cold temperatures. 


    4. Get Glowing Skin


    Dropping in humidity levels and lack of moisture may leave your skin looking dull, dry, and flaky. However, winter is not that bad on our skin. There are a few fascinating facts that bring complexion to your skin. Colder temperatures reduce clogged pores and control oil production, which leaves your skin acne-free. Cold weather reduces redness, facial inflammation, and puffiness around the eyes by promoting blood circulation. Additionally, when you wash your face with cold water, following a great winter skincare routine will keep your skin tight and rejuvenate by giving you an overall glow.

    5. Beat The Winter Blues


    Feeling blue during frosty weather is becoming common nowadays because many people are frequently affected by it. Our brains are more vulnerable to seasonal shifts. Recent research has shown that lower temperatures increase happiness and reduce stress. To spill the beans, it is because when your body works to produce warmth during cold weather, it ends up releasing endorphins which is one of the happy hormones. More endorphins in your body make you happier by decreasing the winter blues.


    6. Prevent Yourself From Mosquito-Borne Diseases


    Mosquitoes, like all other insects, are cold-blooded. They usually disappear during winter tide because they have winter-hardy eggs and hibernate. Insects being in a dormant state prevents you from getting diseases such as dengue, zika virus, malaria, filariasis, etc. 


    7. Kick-Start Your Heart


    In order to survive the cold weather, your heart works harder to maintain a healthy temperature. It is because, during wintertime, the blood vessels get constricted, and it is difficult to pump blood to the organs at the normal rate. At times this might strain your heart muscles, but this will also help strengthen the heart muscles. Working outdoors during the winter season will efficiently improve your heart function. 


    8. Boost Your Immune System


    There is little science behind cold exposure and the immune system. Cold directly depresses the immune system, making us sick and more susceptible to infections. It might also be a beneficial cascade for preventing infections by activating the white blood cells and preparing them for fighting the infections. 


    9. Quit From Allergies 


    One of the big issues with winter is that freezing temperature tends to increase allergic reactions. Outdoor or airborne allergies can be caused by pollen grains, animal hairs, and pollution. Pollen grains are tiny seeds that are scattered from flowering plants, trees, grass, and weeds. Winter may be beneficial if you are sensitive to airborne allergies because pollutants and pollen grains are extremely low during that season. If you are suffering from indoor allergies, then likely dust and mites are the things you must avoid. 


    10. Being Brainiac 


    With the short days and nose-freezing temperatures, many of us would suspect moody changes and brain fog. Science, however, is an ongoing process. Recent scientific studies show winter makes our brains work better. During the depths of winter, your brain enters an eco-friendly mode by allowing us to think better and improve cognitive functions.


    No Winter Lasts Forever; No Spring Skips Its Turn


    Embrace the cold season of your life. Some folks have their own reasons to love winter (Chionophilia) for the foggy mornings, heat blankets, and hot chocolate. As a bonus for being hale and hearty, out of all the captivating information mentioned above, remember to take vitamin D doses and healthy foods in the winter. So, to enjoy the exciting aspect of this winter, recall the ten salient best things of how winter enhances your physical and mental health.

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