5 Myths About Glaucoma

5 Myths About Glaucoma
12 Jan 2023
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5 Myths About Glaucoma

    Glaucoma is a condition where the optic nerve of the eye is damaged. In most instances, this optic nerve damage is due to too heavy pressure in the eye. Glaucoma can happen at any age. However, it is most commonly seen in older people. There are various risk factors that increase a person’s risk of glaucoma. Hence it is essential to be aware of the risks and get regular eye check-ups. Some of these risk factors of glaucoma include, 


    • Having a family history
    • Having certain medical conditions like migraine, high blood pressure, and diabetes
    • Taking certain medicines for a long time, like corticosteroid eye drops
    • Eye injuries or any previous eye surgery


    Be it any disease or condition, myths are a common part of them. Every disease will have several myths around it. While most people know that they are just myths, some people are not aware of the facts. Just like any other condition, there are several myths about glaucoma as well. 

    In this blog, we will debunk 5 popular myths about glaucoma, so please keep reading.

    5 myths about glaucoma

    MYTH 1: Only older patients get affected by glaucoma 


    FACT: Glaucoma can happen to anyone regardless of their age. Although it is commonly seen affecting older adults, it doesn’t mean that glaucoma affects only their age group. 

    MYTH 2: Once you are affected by glaucoma, there is nothing that can be done


    FACT: Yes, it’s true that, unfortunately, there is no cure for glaucoma. However, glaucoma is highly treatable. There are various treatments that are available to treat glaucoma, like eye drops, oral medications, laser treatment, and surgeries. The available treatment options, when given at the right time, help in preventing the condition of glaucoma from worsening and causing blindness. 

    MYTH 3: If I don’t have a family history of glaucoma, I won’t get it


    FACT: Even though a family history of glaucoma acts as a huge factor in getting it, it is not true that it is only hereditary. There are various other risk factors like eye injury, the effect of certain medicines like corticosteroid eye drops or having conditions like hypertension and diabetes that may also increase your risk of getting glaucoma. 

    MYTH 4: Having glaucoma won’t make me blind


    FACT: Glaucoma is a serious condition that, when left untreated, can cause blindness. In most instances, people with glaucoma don’t even know that they have it unless they lose their vision.

    MYTH 5: I don’t have glaucoma and don’t need to worry about it since I don’t have any symptoms 


    FACT: You need to worry about glaucoma and get frequent eye check-ups done. There is a reason why glaucoma is called a “silent thief of vision” as the symptoms of glaucoma are not visible in the early stages, and it may cause blindness if not treated on time. Hence, it is important to worry about glaucoma even if you don’t experience any symptoms. 



    Glaucoma is a serious problem that can make you lose your vision in the long run. Since the symptoms of glaucoma are not prominent in the early stages, it is best to get regular eye check-ups done for glaucoma, especially if you belong to the category of people with a high risk. After a thorough examination of your eye, your doctor will tell you what to do if you have glaucoma. Although incurable, glaucoma is a highly treatable condition. Hence, awareness about glaucoma and regular eye check-ups among your kith and your kin are essential for preserving their vision. 

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