Common Sexual Health Problems In Men

Common Sexual Health Problems In Men
14 Feb 2024
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Common Sexual Health Problems In Men

    Do you know sexual health plays a crucial role in the overall well-being of every individual, couple, and family? It helps in maintaining a satisfying and fulfilling life for an individual. However, both men and women are often unaware of the importance of maintaining their sexual health, which leads to complications in their sexual well-being and can cause problems in their sexual activities. Sexual problems in men affect not only their relationships but also their self-esteem. Today, we are exploring some common sexual health issues in men and discussing effective strategies to address them in this blog.

    Breaking The Silence: Navigating Common Sexual Health Issues In Men


    According to the World Health Organisation, sexual health is defined as a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being about sexuality, not just limited to being free of disease or, dysfunction or infirmity. It requires a positive and respectful approach toward sexuality and sexual relationships. It also has a pleasurable and safe sexual experience, which is free of coercion, discrimination, and violence. It is important to respect, protect, and fulfill the sexual rights of all persons to maintain sexual health.

    Men with sexual health problems are always facing an issue that affects their ability to engage in sexual activities, which also affects the physical and mental health of individuals.

    It is estimated that about 15% of couples in the world are affected by sexual disharmony. Among these, 40-50% are caused by male factors (male sexual dysfunction). This shows the importance of addressing the male sexual health problem in the world. 

    6 Common Sexual Health Problem In Men


    Some of the common sexual health problems in men are given below:


    1. Low sexual desire (decreased libido): Low sex desire or drive is a commonly affecting problem in men (1 in 5 men are affected by low libido) all around the world. It is very common for most of the male to lose their sex interest over a period of time or randomly. It can be an indication of personal, medical, or lifestyle problems in individuals.
    2. Premature ejaculation: It is a common problem in which a man ejaculates (comes) within a short period of time during sexual intercourse. It can occur at any adult age and is common at 18 to 30 years of age.
    3. Erectile dysfunctions (impotence): It is characterized by the inability to achieve a sufficient erection during sexual intercourse. It is a long-term or short-term problem that can be caused by physical or emotional factors. ED can be caused mainly by the narrowness of the arteries (pudendal artery) and is very common in aged men.
    4. Genital ulcer disease: It is a lesion or opening in the genital area (penis, perianal region, or anus) of the men which causes discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse. It can be caused either by sexually transmitted infections or non-STI-related conditions.
    5. Lower urinary tract symptoms: It is a condition in which the individual has experienced symptoms like leakage of urine, sudden or frequent urge to urination, and difficulty in completely emptying the bladder. Men with LUTS have low sexual activity and sexual satisfaction during intercourse.
    6. Sexually transmitted infections (STI): STIs are infections that can be transmitted through sex. Microbes like trichomonas, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis are responsible for causing several infections in both men and women. STI can cause gentile herpes in men and increase the risk of infection to the sexual partner during sexual intercourse.

    Causes Of Sexual Health Problems In Men


    Various physical, mental, and external factors can cause sexual health problems. Some of the common causes of sexual health problems are given below:


    1. Physical causes:

    Cardiovascular Issues: Cardiovascular disease increases the risk of sex problems in males. Conditions like atherosclerosis can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction in individuals. 

    Diabetes: Diabetes can increase the sexual dysfunction in both men and women. It is associated with an increased risk of erectile dysfunction in men.

    Hormonal Imbalances: Hormone plays a major role in the sex. A decreased production of testosterone levels can impact libido and sexual function.


    2. Psychological Factors:

    Mental health: It plays an important role in sexual health. Stress, anxiety, and depression can cause sexual dysfunction in individuals.


    3. Medications:

    Drugs impact: Medications like antidepressants and antihypertensives can increase the risk of sexual dysfunction in men.


    4. Lifestyle Factors:

    Alcohol consumption and smoking: individuals who have a habit of smoking and drinking alcohol are at an increased risk of sexual dysfunction.


    5. Age-related Changes:

    Age: Aged men are at an increased risk of sexual health problems due to the increased chance of getting chronic disease, depression, and insomnia.

    5 Tips To Prevent Sexual Health Problem In Men


    • Practising safe sex: It is recommended to avoid multiple sex and have a stable relationship. Use condoms to prevent the risk of Sexual transmission infection.
    • Avoid early sexual relationships: Early sex can increase the risk of STI and other sexual health problems in individuals.
    • Get vaccinated: Vaccines are helpful in preventing sexual transmission infections like hepatitis B and human papillomavirus, which can affect the sexual health of men. HPV vaccination can prevent genital warts in men and cervical cancer in women.
    • Quit smoking and alcohol consumption: Drinking excessive alcohol and smoking can cause erectile dysfunction in men. It is recommended to quit alcohol consumption and smoking for the better maintenance of sexual health in men.
    • Maintain a healthy lifestyle: It is recommended to eat healthy food to improve libido and reverse impotence in males. Practicing stress-reducing activities plays a major role in maintaining the sex health of  the individuals.



    Sexual health is equally important as our physical and mental health. In Fact, these can also impact the sex health of the individuals. We often forget to take care of our sexual health, which paves the way for several chronic conditions like STI or prostate cancer. It is important to follow a healthy lifestyle to prevent complications caused by sexual disorders. Proper education and support can help men to break the silence about sex healthcare. Let's educate the men's community and prevent every man from sexual health problems.

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