World Brain Day

World Brain Day
22 Jul 2023
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World Brain Day

    Brain Health And Disability: Leave No One Behind


    Ever wonder what's really going on inside your brain? On World Brain Day, let's celebrate by taking action to strengthen your mind and enhance your brain power. A healthy brain means a healthy and happy life. Our minds are endlessly fascinating, so let's make the most of this opportunity to understand ourselves better and use that knowledge to build a brighter future.


    History Of World Brain Day Theme


    The selection of "Brain Health and Disability" as the theme for the 10th Annual World Brain Day (WBD) by the World Federation of Neurology (WFN) reflects the continued commitment to raising awareness and addressing major issues related to neurological health. "Brain Health and Disability" is a great theme that highlights the importance of preserving and promoting brain health while recognizing the challenges and impact of neurological disabilities on individuals and society as a whole. This special day provides an excellent opportunity to focus on the significance of brain health, the prevention of neurological disorders, and the need to support those individuals with neurological disabilities. It encourages global collaboration among medical professionals, researchers, and the public to drive positive change in the field of neurology. Celebrating this day in over 40 countries through various events and activities helps spread the message to diverse populations, making it more accessible and inclusive. 

    The Significance Of World Brain Day


    World Brain Day is held on July 22 to raise awareness about the importance of brain health and preventing brain disorders. This international day of observance encourages people worldwide to think about their brain health and take action to improve it.


    Your brain is the command center of your body that makes you uniquely you. It controls every process that regulates the body, which includes your thoughts and senses to your movements and feelings. That's why keeping your brain healthy should be a top priority. The fact is, just like any other part of your body, your brain needs care and maintenance to function properly. Some key things you can do to boost your brain health include:


    • Get your body moving- Exercise increases blood flow to your brain and has been shown to boost cognitive functions. Go for a walk or jog, do some yoga, or dance to some upbeat music.
    • Learn a new skill- Pick up a musical instrument, start a garden, learn to code, cook a new cuisine. Challenging your brain with new and complex activities keeps it sharp.
    • Socialise and engage in conversations- Call a friend, meet a neighbor for coffee, join a local club, volunteer. Social interaction and meaningful discussions stimulate your brain.
    • Read a book- Curl up with a compelling page-turner. Reading exercises your brain and can lower stress and mental decline.
    • Play games- Do a jigsaw or crossword puzzle, and learn a new card game. Gaming engages multiple cognitive functions, and the social aspect doubles the brain boost.
    • Meditate or practice mindfulness- Spending just a few minutes a day focused on your breath calms your mind and strengthens neural connections.
    • Get creative- Paint, write stories or poems, start a DIY home project. The arts are a great way to challenge your brain in new ways.

    So, let's Celebrate World Brain Day by picking one or more of these brain-boosting activities. Keep your mind engaged, challenged, and happy. Now, get out there and spread the word that our brains need us, and we need them.


    Why We Should Celebrate Our Brains


    Protect It, Challenge It, And Keep It Active. Your Brain Will Thank You


    Our brains are amazing organs that control everything we do, yet we rarely stop to appreciate them. Here are a few reasons why this day is so important:


    • The brain can form connections and pathways that shape your thoughts, movements, memories, and senses. The ability for our brains to form new connections and rewire themselves, known as neuroplasticity, is what allows us to learn new skills, form habits, adapt to change, and recover from injuries.


    • Our brains process an incredible amount of information every second. Even the simplest tasks, like brushing teeth or making breakfast on your own, require your brain to coordinate thousands of neurons. More complex tasks like driving a car, playing an instrument, or learning a new language utilize neural networks and pathways that have formed over time through practice and repetition.


    • Your brain holds your personality, intelligence, skills, knowledge, memories, emotions, and everything. Damage or degradation to the brain can fundamentally change a person and their identity. That's why neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia are so tragic. Our brains define who we are, so we must do everything possible to keep them healthy and functioning as we age.


    World Brain Day is a chance to spread awareness about brain health's importance and better understand how our brains work. Take time to respect your brain and all the amazing things it does for you each and every day. 


    5 Interesting Facts About The Human Brain


    1. Did you know that your brain generates up to 25 watts of power? More than enough to power a low-wattage LED light. Even though it only makes up about 2% of your body weight, it uses 20% of your body's total energy.


    2. The human brain consists of about 100 billion neurons. These neurons communicate with each other through synapses, with nearly 100 trillion synaptic connections in the average adult brain.


    3. The brain is made up of many parts that work together but also somewhat independently. The major parts include the cerebrum, cerebellum, brain stem, and limbic system. Each part is responsible for different functions like movement, balance, breathing, memory, and emotions.


    4. Your brain continues to grow until your early 20s. The prefrontal cortex, responsible for planning and decision-making, is one of the last areas of the brain to fully develop. This is why the teen and young adult years can be marked by emotional outbursts and risk-taking behaviors.


    5. When you sleep, your brain is hard at work consolidating your memories, making connections between events, and clearing out waste products buildup during the day. Sleep is necessary for healthy brain function and cognitive performance when you're awake. Lack of sleep can impair your memory, problem-solving skills, and mood.


    The human brain is endlessly complex yet efficient, artistic yet logical, stubborn yet flexible. Understanding how it works and keeping it in peak condition with exercise, nutrition, sleep, and mental stimulation will serve you well for life. 


    Take A Minute To Appreciate Your Brain


    So, while you're going about your day today, please take a moment to appreciate the remarkable organ between your ears that makes it all possible. Your brain controls everything you do, think, and feel. It's the very essence of you. Without it, you couldn't do simple things like move around, speak, learn, and form relationships. World Brain Day is a chance for us all to recognize how special the human brain truly is. Support organizations that are working to unlock its mysteries and help those affected by brain-related illnesses. And do your part to keep your brain healthy by exercising it through reading, social interaction, and learning new skills. Our brains deserve nothing less.


    Unlock Your Brain's Amazing Potential And You'll Unlock Your Best Self

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