World Pharmacists Day

World Pharmacists Day
25 Sep 2023
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World Pharmacists Day

    "Amidst a world where science and soul intertwine,

    Where apothecaries craft remedies divine,

    Let us gather underneath the moon's gentle sway,

    To celebrate Pharmacist's World, this September day."

    World pharmacists day is celebrated every 25th of September around the world. It is a day to honor pharmacists and their contributions to improving our health and well-being. Please keep reading to know more about the importance of world pharmacists day, the relentless work of pharmacists, and why they are so important in today's healthcare system. 

    The Background Of World Pharmacists Day

    In 2009, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) established the world pharmacists day in Istanbul, Turkey. FIP is a global organization comprised of 152 national associations that bring together millions of pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists, and educators. FIP came into existence in 1912 and is headquartered in the Netherlands. 

    It is committed to advancing pharmacy practices and scientific advancements and training professional individuals to fulfill global healthcare demands. This day holds the distinction of being international pharmacists day, as it aligns with the founding anniversary of FIP, recognizing the global contributions of pharmacists.

    What's The Theme For World Pharmacist Day 2023?

    The FIP annually organizes the world pharmacists day campaign and selects a theme. The theme for 2023 is "pharmacists strengthening health systems". The goal is to highlight how pharmacists can be a valuable asset to health systems in the post-COVID world. It's all about increasing awareness of their role and how they continue to impact our lives. The FIP's mission for 2023 is to “let pharmacists do more.”


    How Is It Celebrated?

    Every association and individual in the pharmaceutical sector will organize national campaigns or local projects to highlight their work in helping improve our health worldwide. Providing lectures, staging exhibitions, or planning an activity day for adults and children to highlight how they can serve us.

    What Are The Essential Roles Of A Pharmacist In Providing Safe Healthcare?

    Pharmacists play a multifaceted role,

     As medication guardians

    • Medication delivery: Pharmacists are responsible for accurately delivering prescription drugs to patients, ensuring that the correct medicine and dosage are received.
    • Patient education: They educate patients on how to take medications, discuss potential adverse effects, and offer advice on managing chronic diseases.
    • Primary healthcare: Pharmacists review prescriptions to prevent mistakes and dangerous drug reactions. They look for potential drug combinations and allergies to reduce the chance of serious adverse effects. Pharmacists provide primary healthcare by offering patients advice, information, and directions during medical reviews.
    • Pharmacy management: Pharmacists control pharmacy operations, ensuring that drugs are safely stored, handled, and distributed. They handle inventory, keep records, and adhere to quality standards.
    • Immunizations: Many pharmacists in India are licensed to deliver vaccinations, which helps with public health initiatives such as immunization programs and seasonal flu jabs.
    • Telepharmacy: With the advancement of technology, telepharmacy is emerging as the future of pharmacy in India, enabling pharmacists to offer remote drug consultations and assistance.

    As research scientists

    Pharmacists engage in pharmaceutical research and drug development by working on creating new and better medicines for all. They stay updated on recent advancements in medicines and how they operate to serve us better.

    As patient advocates

    • Ensure that you get the necessary medications and healthcare services.
    • Guiding you through the insurance coverage and finding ways to save money on your healthcare.
    • Guide people without health insurance through patient assistance programs (PAP) to get medicines at no or little cost.

    As an emergency medication specialist

    Have you ever considered how pharmacists become our first line of assistance in times of need, whether for basic first aid or during the challenging days of a pandemic? They are the accessible medical professionals who stand ready to help during our emergency health needs.

    Many of us self-medicated during the pandemic because we were worried about getting sick from the virus. Hence, self-medication emerged as one of the important components of healthcare but also a huge global challenge. Pharmacists are well-positioned to ensure our safety in providing over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. They guide us on how to use medicines securely without a doctor's prescription. This year's World Pharmacists Day campaign shows how pharmacists can be a smart solution for our urgent health needs.

    Fip's Mission For 2023: Let Pharmacists Do More

    FIP's goal for this year is to empower pharmacists to do more. Apart from offering advice and medical supplies, community pharmacists can meet various other requirements, relieving pressure and saving time for the rest of the health system. More pharmacists may be permitted to prescribe and initiate drugs as medical experts. Pharmacists are also qualified to manage patients with long-term diseases such as diabetes. To achieve universal health coverage, we must make advances and progress in all countries and regions.

    Top 5 Interesting Facts About Pharmacists

    1. Pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare professionals. Patients visit their community pharmacies about one-half to two times more than their primary care providers.
    2. There are more than 4 million pharmacists globally, with 78% of them being female.
    3. The creators of Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Ginger Ale, and Coca-Cola were also pharmacists.
    4. Benjamin Franklin, the inventor of the lightning rod, worked as a pharmacist.
    5. The world's most famous mystery writer, Agatha Christie, was a pharmacy technician.

    How Can You Celebrate?

    Appreciate your local pharmacist: Take time to appreciate your local pharmacist's commitment to your health and well-being. Make them feel proud by wishing them a happy world pharmacist day.

    Learn about your medications: Use this day to educate yourself on your medications. Please inquire with your pharmacist and get their advice.

    Engage in health initiatives: Consider engaging in or supporting local pharmacy-led health initiatives such as vaccination drives or health screenings.

    Spread the word: Use social media to spread the word about World Pharmacist Day and increase awareness of pharmacists' essential role in healthcare.

    Wrapping Up, A Tribute To Pharmacists

    Join us in the celebration of world pharmacists day 2023! It's a day to appreciate the dedicated work of pharmacists in helping us stay healthy. Their dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to public health, particularly during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, have truly been remarkable. Let us also recognize the pivotal role they continue to play in safeguarding our well-being and advancing the frontiers of medicine. Beyond this day, may our appreciation and support for pharmacists endure, for they are the vital bridge between us and a healthier, safer world. #WPD2023


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