Have These Drinks To Beat Migraines

8 Sep 2022
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Have These Drinks To Beat Migraines

    Is a migraine headache annoying you? Most of you would feel a bit relaxed after popping up painkillers or pills prescribed by your doctor. It is better to follow a combined treatment option that includes medications, stress management, lifestyle modifications and some self-remedies. Since the medicines are associated with adverse effects and risks, it is better to ease the pain attack with a few DIY drinks. 


    Why always rely upon medications while Spices, herbs and fruits are associated with many medicinal and therapeutic properties. Few investigations have been carried out to demonstrate the therapeutic values of certain herbs and spices when infused in water. Have you ever been confused about what to drink in a migraine? Have these drinks to beat migraine as migraine is a complex condition that causes a terrible headache over any part of the head. 


    Keep reading to know the seven best drinks you can have to combat the migraine symptoms.

    7 Best Drinks To Combat Migraine Symptoms


    1. Ginger tea - ‘Magical Drink’


    Have you ever heard that ginger tea is one of the best things to drink for a migraine? Study results have reported that sipping a cup of ginger tea can soothe the pounding headache.


    So, whenever you are in the pre headache phase of migraine, brew some ginger tea as it works by enhancing the serotonin levels.This hormone plays a vital role in reducing the intensity of headaches by restricting the blood vessels and decreasing inflammation. Follow the below-mentioned steps to brew a solid soothing ginger tea-


    Step 1: Boil 2 cups of water

    Step 2: Grate a half-inch ginger or use ¼ cup chopped ginger pieces 

    Step 3: Add them to the boiling water and stir it

    Step 4: Add 1 tsp sugar or honey to taste, reduce the flame for 5 to 10 minutes 

    Step 5: Strain the mixture with a filter. You can also add mint leaves or zest of lemon if you wish.


    Note: Do not consume more than two cups of tea per day as ginger may cause mild side effects such as belching, heartburn or diarrhoea. Also, avoid ginger teas if you are taking blood thinners or anticoagulants/antiplatelets as it may increase the risk of bleeding.

    2. Peppermint Tea


    According to research, it has been found that peppermint has more promising medicinal effects and benefits, especially concerning migraine. The major components present in peppermint are phenol and flavonoids which have good analgesic effects that help to reduce pain and inflammation. Peppermint tea has got a great aroma and taste. Drinking peppermint tea regularly can produce a calming effect by relaxing the nerves; thereby it helps alleviate the symptoms of migraine headaches. 


    Check out the following recipe to prepare the peppermint tea


    Step 1: Boil 2 cups of water

    Step 2: Take some 15- 20 peppermint leaves and mash them in a mortar and pestle to allow the oils to flow 

    Step 3: Boil the mixture for 10 more minutes 

    Step 4: Strain the leaves with a filter and add some slices of lemon 

    Step 5: Add 1 tsp sugar or honey to taste.


    3.Feverfew Tea (Wild Chamomile Tea)


    Few studies have been put forward claiming that feverfew leaves contain some compounds like parthenolide that possess anti-inflammatory properties and help in decreasing migraine headaches.


    Feverfew tea can be prepared by using feverfew leaves. Take about a quarter cup of fresh feverfew leaves or 2 tsp of dried leaves and add them to boiling water. Steep the mixture for 5-10 minutes and allow it to cool for some time. Then, strain the concoction and serve it by drizzling honey.


    Note: Do not consume if you have a history of allergy to wild chamomile.

    4. Grape Juice 


    Grape juice is another best thing to drink for a migraine. Research and trials have suggested that consuming riboflavin (Vitamin B2) has effectively prevented migraine headaches. Grapes are rich in magnesium and riboflavin. So, drinking a glass of grape juice regularly can be helpful to beat migraine headaches.

    5. Green Smoothies


    Ensure to include leafy greens in your diet as they are rich in folic acid and consuming folic acid has been influential in hampering migraine symptoms. Prepare a simple smoothie with leafy greens like spinach,berries and almond or cashew milk( any plant-based milk)

    6. Lemon Water


    Since dehydration is one of the triggers to cause migraine, sipping lemon water can help you to stay hydrated throughout the day and thus prevents you from migraine attacks.


    To prepare lemon water, you need two medium-sized lemons and 1 liter of plain water.


    Squeeze the lemon slices into a pitcher containing a liter of warm water and add a pinch of Himalayan salt. Mix it well and consume it.

    7. Fruit-infused Water


    Make yourself an infusion with fruits like watermelon. Add half a cup of watermelon slices to 2 litres of water and include some 5-10mint leaves. Keep the mixture aside for 1 hour and consume it later. Watermelon is rich in magnesium and other minerals and plays a significant role in nerve transmission. Thus, it will improve the power to focus and concentrate better on your things.


    Although there is no constant cure to prevent recurrent migraine headaches, you can consume the concoctions mentioned above either to relieve the symptoms or lessen the occurrence of migraine. Drinks such as herbal teas attenuate the intensity of migraine headaches by reducing inflammation. In contrast,smoothies or fruit juices will provide you with the adequate nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help prevent migraine attacks. As the triggering factors vary with the individuals, it is essential to keep in mind to avoid certain drinks that contain those triggers. Also, these drinks can only be used as complementary or substitute to the conventional medications and not be consumed as treatment replacement.


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