World Bipolar Day 2022

World Bipolar Day 2022
30 Mar 2022
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World Bipolar Day 2022

    Bipolar disorder causes strange shifts in mood, energy levels and the ability to perform routine tasks. It is not like the regular mood changes one experiences. Many symptoms of bipolar overlap with other disorders like depression, anxiety, eating disorders and substance abuse. As a result, many people receive the wrong diagnosis and receive different medications to tackle their symptoms. This is why the demand for bipolar awareness is increasing. Let us go in-depth about how World Bipolar day 2022 will play a role in improving bipolar awareness.


    How Does Bipolar Disorder Impact Society?


    Bipolar disorder is a long-term psychiatric illness characterised by severe depressive episodes followed by at least one manic episode. Bipolar disorder contributes to about 6.9% out of total mental disorders found in India. It is a significant health problem that typically begins around 19-20 years. 


    Purpose Of World Bipolar Day 2022:


    Most bipolar disorders are left undiagnosed and untreated due to a lack of bipolar awareness. Many people discover that they have had bipolar disorder only when their symptoms interfere with their daily life. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry in 2005, many people diagnosed with bipolar disorder did not receive adequate treatment on time.


    World Bipolar Day is celebrated every year on the 30th of March. It is a joint initiative of the Asian Network of Bipolar disorder (ANBD), the International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF) and the International Society for Bipolar Disorders (ISBD). 30th March is the birth date of Vincent Van Gogh, a great dutch painter who was posthumously diagnosed with bipolar disorder and World Bipolar day is celebrated on this day to honour him.


    The theme for this world bipolar day 2022 is “Strength for today, hope for tomorrow”. This day is an opportunity for everyone suffering from bipolar disorder to access all the resources related to this illness to gain better awareness. The primary aim of World Bipolar Day 2022 is to remove the stigma around the disease.


    What Can You Do For World Bipolar Day 2022?


    Know the risk factors:


    About 80-90% of people with bipolar disorder have a first degree relative with either bipolar disorder or depression. Some studies suggest that low income, unemployment and unmarried life are some critical contributors to bipolar disorders. The association of genetics with bipolar disorders have been long found. Some other factors like substance abuse, child abuse, etc., also aggravate the risk of bipolar disorder.

    Know your triggers:


    Stressful events often trigger bipolar disorders and symptoms. Some events could be life-altering like the death of a loved one, physical illness, emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Daily events like sleep disturbances, substance abuse, relationship troubles, money problems could trigger bipolar symptoms. Although it is not possible to prevent these events from occurring, it is essential to be aware of these triggers.


    Show your support for world bipolar day 2022:


    If you or your loved one is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, utilize this day to discuss bipolar awareness. Suppressing what you feel about the bipolar disorder will further increase the social stigma. Show solidarity this World Bipolar day 2022 by wearing a ribbon in black and white since these colours represent the bipolar mind.

    Prevention Of Bipolar Disorders:

    Many people may be able to recognise the onset of manic and depressive episodes of bipolar disorder. In the beginning, they may experience mood shifts, lack of energy, concentration etc. They lack the motivation to do anything. Changes in hygiene and dressing are two of the earliest signs of bipolar episodes. Your physician will prescribe medications to alleviate these symptoms, and you may need to continue taking them for a lifetime.

    It is not entirely possible to prevent bipolar disorders as most of them are hereditary. If you have a family member with this diagnosis, you need to be alert about the possibility of bipolar symptoms affecting you. Although preventing bipolar disorder is not possible, bipolar awareness of the symptoms, risks and triggers can be beneficial to understanding and acknowledging the onset of bipolar episodes.

    Living With Bipolar Disorder:

    It is indeed a challenge to live with bipolar disorder, but you can make your life better with discipline. Never miss an appointment with your doctor. Once you receive your official diagnosis, it is crucial to stick to your treatment regimen. Discuss all the possible treatment options with your healthcare provider. Recovery and improvement take time, so patience and persistence are essential. Maintain a journal to track your symptoms. With time, you will identify your triggers more efficiently and learn to cope with them.


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