Dissolve Kidney Stones By Following Natural Remedies

Home remedies for kidney stones
7 Jan 2022
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Dissolve Kidney Stones By Following Natural Remedies

    Kidney stones often form when the urine is highly concentrated that it appears dark yellow or amber. This happens due to a wrong mix of chemicals in the urine, making the salts turn into crystals. Calcium and uric acid are the two substances that mostly lead to stone formation.

    It could be quite challenging to dissolve kidney stones and pass them through urine, but it is easier to avoid complications if they are detected at earlier stages. You can incorporate some natural remedies for kidney stones through diet and nutrition.


    When kidney stones form, they naturally pass down to the ureters, eventually blocking urine flow. This blockage causes severe pain that sometimes induces blood in urine, nausea and vomiting. These stones typically take several weeks to pass through urine. This also depends on the severity and the size of the stones. Read further to know more about natural remedies for kidney stones.


    Ways To Dissolve Kidney Stones:

    • Dehydration is the primary cause of stone development. Consuming foods that enable urination keeps your body hydrated. Food sources like cucumbers and watermelons have high water content. Consider adding more water-based foods to your diet.
    • Apple cider vinegar is enriched with acetic acid that helps dissolve kidney stones. To get the best benefits, you can consume apple cider vinegar by adding it to water, foods, salads, or mix into other recipes.
    • Olive oil and lemon juice are two of the natural remedies for kidney stones. While lemon effectively breaks down the kidney stones, olive oil aids in the passage of stones from the kidneys down to the bladder.  If you are unable to consume them directly, add them as dressings to your salads.
    • Rajma is high in fibre content and a good source of vitamins and minerals that helps in cleansing the kidneys and dissolves the kidney stones.
    • Parsley works as an agent that stimulates urination treating kidney stones, gallbladder stones and urinary tract infections. This acts as an advanced cleanse for kidney stones.


    What Are The Effective Natural Remedies For Kidney Stones?


    There are several natural remedies for kidney stones that help in alleviating symptoms. Follow these effective home remedies for kidney stones to prevent existing stones from growing bigger and arresting the formation of new stones:

    • Over the counter medications like paracetamol can help you manage the pain due to kidney stones.
    • If your pain is mild, try to stay as active as possible. Do not stay in bed unless your pain is unbearable. Passing red or brown urine is normal when you have kidney stones.
    • If you have had kidney stones, the possibility of getting another kidney stone is high. You can prevent this occurrence by drinking at least two litres of fluid per day. This includes tea, coffee, juice, lemonade, etc., except soda and carbonated beverages. This ensures that you eliminate 2.5 litres of urine per day.
    • Avoid eating foods rich in oxalate content. Some of the oxalate-rich foods are spinach, almonds, beans, dried figs, cranberries, oranges etc. Oxalate prevents the entry of calcium into the blood.
    • Consume 3-4 servings of dairy foods every day.
    • Consume more citric foods. Lemon has citrate that helps to bind with calcium and prevent stone formation. It breaks down the small stones that are about to form.
    • Consuming foods high in sodium content increases the calcium levels in the urine and makes it difficult to dissolve kidney stones. Cut down the intake of foods rich in sodium. Reduce your salt intake to less than 5gms per day.
    • Animal proteins like meat, eggs, seafood, etc. increase the uric acid levels and enable stone formation. Cut down the daily intake of animal protein sources.
    • Discuss with your physician regarding your calcium supplementation to avoid extra intake of calcium.
    • Pay attention to your vitamin C intake. Consuming more than 1000mg of vitamin C per day increases your risk of getting oxalate stones.


    How To Prevent Kidney Stones Naturally?


    Family history, diet and fluid intake play an essential role in influencing the risk of kidney stones. If you have had kidney stones earlier, there is a 75% chance of reoccurrence. You can prevent this from happening through lifestyle modifications and diet changes. 


    Your physician will recommend a 24-hour urine sample testing to check how much oxalate, calcium and uric acid you are excreting in one day. Once the root cause of your kidney stones is specified, your physician will suggest the following changes in your lifestyle:

    • Having a body weight higher than normal also increases your risk of getting kidney stones. Ensure that you follow a healthy diet and exercise routine.
    • If you exercise regularly, drink more water to restore the fluid you lost through sweat.
    • Avoid foods with high sulphur content like coconut oil, broccoli, cabbage, mustard leaves, dry fruits, eggs, garlic, onion and wine.
    • Consume probiotics like yoghurt and other fermented foods to reduce your risk of getting kidney stones. Probiotics effectively break down the oxalate content in the body, and hence it reduces oxalate accumulation and prevents kidney stones. Look for probiotic products that contain lactic acid.
    • Avoid a high protein diet and stick to 2-3 servings per day. Some of the high protein foods include meat, fish, nuts, etc.
    • Avoid carbonated beverages and drinks containing artificial sweeteners.
    • The seeds of pomegranate are an excellent source of potassium, and it prevents the formation of mineral crystals that lead to kidney stone formation. Pomegranate lowers the acidic properties of the urine and flushes out the toxins from the kidneys. Make sure that you consume pomegranate as a fruit or in the form of juice regularly.
    • Sometimes your kidney stones could be a result of an urinary tract infection. In such cases, you need to visit your physician to get your condition treated to avoid the occurrence of kidney stones in the future.


    Gushout Your Kidney Stones With An Ease:


    Kidney stones occur due to improper diet, lifestyle, inadequate hydration, concentrated urine and family history. It is possible to dissolve kidney stones through diet and lifestyle modifications. You can discuss with your physician about your diet, natural remedies for kidney stones and the methods you are following to dissolve kidney stones.


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