5 Expert Tips For COPD Diet Plan

5 Expert Tips For Copd Diet Plan
23 Nov 2022
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5 Expert Tips For COPD Diet Plan

    In recent days, we are busy running for work and money and all of us have forgotten how diet creates impact on our health. Diet plays an important role when you are diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD is a group of lung diseases that causes airway obstruction and blocks the air flow which makes it difficult to breathe. Which food or diet plan is best for COPD patients  is the most common question that arises  in many of the patients with COPD. Let's discuss COPD diet plans that should be taken and diets that patients  should avoid completely for COPD patients.


    Do You Know How COPD Affects What You Eat?


    In COPD, individuals require more energy to breathe normally and have a reduced ability to exhale carbon dioxide. Individuals are asked to take low carbohydrate foods that make breathing easier. Patients are not asked to stick to the nutritious option because it does not cause bloating, and the patient experiences difficulty breathing.


    Well-Planned COPD Diet Plan


    Well planned diet is important in COPD patients because along with the medications, diet helps the patients to feel better and can breathe easier so that individuals can do their work and other activities easily without any breathing difficulties or shortness of breath. A good diet plan helps to improve the condition better, and it includes,

    • Maintaining weight which improves lung function better
    • A good diet helps to reduce bloating, which causes pressure in the chest, and reduces the breathing difficulty
    • Lowering the risk of other disorders like diabetes and heart-related problems
    • Improves the muscle strength


    Best Diet For Someone With COPD


    Best COPD diet plan includes a balanced diet which is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, and helps in improving the condition of COPD. There are some diets which are to be followed regularly for a healthy lifestyle. It includes,


    1. Fiber-Rich Foods


    Fibers are the form of complex carbohydrates that remain undigested in our body, and this makes the person feel fullness in the stomach. It helps in improving bowel movements. Patients with COPD should take 20-30 grams of fiber each day. There are a variety of foods that are rich in fibers content which include,


    • Fruits and vegetables
    • Nuts and seeds
    • Whole grains such as oats
    • Beans and lentils


    2. Protein-Rich Foods


    Consume good quality protein in your routine diet and individuals can consume large quantities of good proteins, usually in dal, sprouts, and milk. Protein-rich foods can be added to your snacks and meals, which improves the status of the nutrition in a diet and also improves the quality of life. It has a dual action in both weight loss and weight gain. Protein increases muscle mass, and hence it can gain weight. For weight loss patients, they can take high-quality proteins in their meal, with healthy proteins promoting weight loss. Some of the protein-rich foods includes,


    • Meat
    • Fish
    • Eggs
    • Legumes
    • Cheese and milk


    3. Mono And Poly-Saturated Fats


    Mono and poly -saturated fats can be added to the diet to lower the cholesterol levels in the body. People seeking weight gain can take these fats. On the other hand, patients who are advised to lose weight can try mono and poly- saturated fats other than trying all fats. Some food that contains this fat are:


    • Olive oil
    • Avocado oil
    • Avocados
    • Nuts and seeds.

    4. Potassium Rich Foods


    Potassium takes important role in nutrients as they increase the lung function and improves the breathing difficulties in COPD patients and try to take foods which has high potassium content like avocados, tomatoes, asparagus, beets, potatoes, bananas, oranges and decreased intake of potassium can cause potassium deficiency which leads to breathing problems and patients under diuretics medication should consume more potassium in diet because diuretics eliminates more potassium in urine and hence doctors or dietician shall prescribe potassium supplements.

    Food Items That Should Be Avoided In COPD


    • Too much salt content in the diet causes water retention, and hence it causes breathing difficulty. Natural Herbs and spices are the alternatives for salt you can use in your routine food.
    • Apples and stone fruits can cause bloating and lead to breathing difficulty. So patients can consume low-fermentable fruits like berries, pineapple, grapes, etc.,
    • Simple carbohydrates like chocolates, table sugar, cakes, sugary drinks, and processed food can be avoided, which takes time to break, and oxygen is used in the metabolism of food and causes breathing difficulty.
    • High-fat food diets should be avoided. People with COPD should avoid fast food, French fries, sugary pastries, ice creams, and margarine as they cause weight gain and difficulty breathing.
    • Avoid deep-fried food and food which are stored for a longer time or processed food.

    Quick Tips For Prevention Of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease


    • Avoid processed sugar as much as possible
    • Reduce your salt intake.
    • Fix your meal time. Eat at the same time every day.
    • Drinking lots of water reduces dehydration.
    • Finish your dinner 3 hrs before going to sleep.
    • Skip in-between snacks which cause weight gain.
    • Have fruits, cereals, and a fistful of nuts to compensate for the urge for snacks.


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