All You Need To Know About How Vaping Cause COPD

All You Need To  Know About Vaping Can Cause COPD
28 Nov 2022
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All You Need To Know About How Vaping Cause COPD

    We know that smoking is an addictive habit that we cannot stop or quit. So nowadays, people are shifting to electronic cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or vaping. This blog will discuss how COPD links with vaping or e-cigarettes and let us know what vaping and COPD is. And long-term effects on individuals who use electronic cigarettes. These e-cigarettes usually worsen COPD because they contain more nicotine than usual cigarettes, and lung inflammation is seen more in people who use traditional cigarettes. 


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    Let’s debunk some interesting questions related to COPD.


    What Is COPD?


    COPD, commonly known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is a common lung condition usually seen in smokers and former smokers. In this condition, the lung becomes inflamed and obstructs the airflow in the lungs, thereby breathing becomes difficult. They are also associated with several diseases, including lung and oral cancers. The World Health Organization reported 3.23 million deaths worldwide, and COPD has become 3rd common cause of death linked with many lung disorders.

    Why Has Vaping Become Trending In Recent Days?


    Vaping has become so popular because it's a liquid that can be heated up to inhale the smoke and contains both the combo of tobacco and marijuana. People think it's the easier way to use. At the same time, something which goes on trend has a higher risk too. It releases aerosol byproducts, tobacco, and other drugs when you are heating which is inhaled into the mouth, enters the lungs, and is exhaled via the nose and mouth.


    What Is the Link Between Vaping And COPD?


    Vaping and e-cigarettes have several links with COPD. However, people think electronic cigarettes and vape pens are safe and do not cause any harm to their lungs, but it is not true. They contain several chemicals which harm your body and cause a long-term impact on your lungs. The irritants such as nicotine, diacetyl, nickel, tin, and diacetyl enter the lungs which usually block the air sacs and cause the narrowing of airways.


    Why Does Vaping Become Addictive?


    Vaping becomes addictive because it contains nicotine. When the individual inhales the vapes, the nicotine in it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. This stimulates the production of adrenaline and dopamine which makes the person addictive.


    How Is Popcorn Lung Associated With Vaping?


    Usually, several irritating agents are liberated while you vape. That vapor has many carcinogenic agents like formaldehyde and heavy metals that strike deep into the lungs, which causes lung cancer. Do you know? One among them is buttery flavored and toxic one known as diacetyl which causes a serious lung condition known as popcorn lung and bronchiolitis obliterans.


    How Does Vaping Affect Non Smokers?


    It is not clear how harmful second hand vaping is. But vape aerosol is released during vape which contains nicotine and other toxic chemicals which causes bronchitic symptoms and shortness of breath. Individuals who have a history of smoking and have quitted smoking in recent days, when exposed to secondhand smoke have a higher chance to develop COPD.


    What Are The Common Conditions Associated With COPD?




    Emphysema is a condition where air passages are obstructed due to irritating particles from smoking. They block the alveoli at the end of the bronchioles, the smallest lung passage that gets damaged due to long-term exposure to smoke or irritating gasses. Although COPD has a long-term impact, there are necessary measures to cure COPD.


    Chronic bronchitis:


    Bronchitis is a condition where the lining of the bronchial tubes becomes inflamed. These tubes carry the air from the air sacs to the lungs. In the case of COPD, the irritants obstruct air sacs, and the person experiences persistent cough and increased mucus secretion. This productive cough exists for 3 months and is recurrent for at least 2 years.


    What Are The Symptoms Of COPD?


    1. Shortness of breath.
    2. Wheezing.
    3. Persistent cough
    4. Tightness in the chest.
    5. Chest pain.
    6. Fatigue and tiredness.

    What Are The Steps For Management Of COPD?


    1. Quit smoking. Giving up nicotine saves your life in many ways.
    2. Eat healthy.
    3. Follow breathing exercises.
    4. Improve physical and mental health by taking enough rest.
    5. Take medications properly
    6. Getting vaccinated.
    7. Exercise regularly.
    8. Go for oxygen therapy if you have difficulty in breathing.
    9. Drink plenty of water.
    10. Stay away from dust, smoke, and pollution.




    It is essential to educate people on how does vaping  cause chronic obstructive lung disease and the early signs and symptoms of COPD.  The thought about e-cigarettes that they are safe, has to be changed.  Let’s create awareness about the harmful effects of vaping through this blog.


    “Choose life, not tobacco."                     

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