9 Tips To Relieve Dry Skin Fast

9 Tips To Relieve Dry Skin Fast
7 May 2022
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9 Tips To Relieve Dry Skin Fast

    When our skin lacks moisture in the outer layer it causes dry skin, which might end up in cracking of the skin if left untreated. Various factors like environment, exposure to irritants, hard water, excessive washing, or medical conditions such as diabetes or hypothyroidism can cause dry skin. Whatever the cause, you can follow some simple and inexpensive ways to keep your skin moist and smooth. Here are the 9 useful tips for dry skin. 

    9 Tips For Dry Skin:


    1. Change your bathing habits: Having a hot and long shower would be a happy thing to do. But it can make skin dry by stripping off the body’s natural oil barrier that helps trap moisture. If you have dry skin, use warm water instead of hot water. Limit your time in the bath or shower to five or ten minutes. Gently dry your skin using a soft towel. Minimize or avoid using scrub brushes, bath sponges and wash clothes to avoid damaging the skin. 


    2. Moisturizing rules: Apply moisturizer immediately after the bath to slightly damp skin to trap in the moisture. Apply within a few minutes of washing the face or hands. Thicker and greasier moisturizers will be more effective. Choose cream or ointment instead of lotion. Whichever product you choose, using moisturizers consistently is one of the important tips for dry skin. When your skin feels dry, apply moisturizer many times a day.


    3. Look for ingredients in the skincare products:  Avoid products that contain retinoids, alcohol, alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), or sodium lauryl sulfate, as they can dry your skin. Use a moisturizer that contains one or more of the following ingredients: jojoba oil, dimethicone, hyaluronic acid, lanolin, mineral oil, shea butter, petrolatum, glycerin, and lactic acid.


    4. Humidifier, a solution for dry skin: Humidifiers can add moisture to the air and benefit people with dry skin or respiratory symptoms. Set your humidifier to around sixty percent to reduce the occurrence of dry, cracked skin.


    5. Make sure your food contains enough nutrients: What you eat can impact your skin. Dry skin can occur as a result of certain nutrient deficiencies, including vitamin A, C, D, E, zinc, and selenium. Including blueberries, tomatoes, beans, carrots, salmon, green tea, and turmeric in your diet can help prevent dry skin. 


    6. Stay away from irritants: Prefer detergents without perfumes or dyes as they can irritate your skin, and avoid fabric softeners. Swimming in a chlorinated pool or chemically treated water or wearing wool clothing can irritate dry skin or make the skin feel dry. Wear silk or cotton under the clothing made of wool or other materials that feel rough. 


    7. Wear gloves: It is one of the best solutions for dry skin. Hands are often the first part exposed to irritants and get affected. Have a habit of wearing gloves, especially when you go out in winters, need to use chemicals or scented products or perform tasks that require you to get your hands wet. If you are more prone to dry skin, you can also wear socks while traveling and during nighttime. 


    8. Shave after a shower: When you shave unwanted hair, you also remove natural oils. It is best to shave after you shower as hairs are softer and pliable after bathing. Be sure to use a shaving gel or cream and if you have very dry or sensitive skin, look for a product that says “sensitive skin” on the label. 


    9. Apply aloe vera: Aloe vera is frequently used in traditional medicine to manage skin conditions. It has hydrating and healing properties and is an ideal choice for dry skin. It can alleviate the irritation and redness associated with excess dryness. Use aloe vera twice a day. It can be also helpful in rashes, sunburns, and can even decrease signs of aging. 

    Care Your Skin With A Little Love: 


    These tips for dry skin will help retain sufficient moisture and keep skin soft. If the changes do not work for you, you may need to visit a dermatologist. He/ she will help find out the cause and can prescribe ointment or cream for very dry skin. 


    Avoid drinking alcohol and cigarette smoking as they can cause dry skin, and speed up aging. Always use skincare products suitable for your skin type. Resist the urge to scratch or scrub your skin. Love your skin and keep it healthy. 


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