10 Tips To Care Of Your Skin During Winter Season

10 Tips to care of your skin during Winter Season
8 Dec 2022
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10 Tips To Care Of Your Skin During Winter Season

    Winters are here, and as much as we love it, our skin might not. Winter and our skin aren't exactly best friends. Hence, the most important thing during winter, apart from feeling lazy and sleepy all day, is to take care of our skin. Skincare during winter is extremely important as the condition of the skin may worsen a lot during this time. Dryness, cracking of the skin, chapped lips, etc., are extremely common during winters. 


    Top 10 Ways For Skincare During Winters


    1. Wash Your Face With A Gentle Cleanser 


    Washing your face with a mild cleanser is important as it will not only help clean the skin but also keep it moisturized. During the winter season, it is advised not to wash the face too much, as washing the face repeatedly will strip off the natural oils and make the skin drier. Avoid using soaps on the skin, as they can be too harsh on the skin.


    2. Moisturize! Moisturize! And Moisturize!


    Winter season can cause extreme dryness on the skin, and hence moisturization is the best skincare tips in winter. Using a moisturizer according to your skin type after washing your face can help in retaining moisture for a long time. People with sensitive skin can try investing in moisturizers that are fragrance-free. 


    3. Invest In Good Quality Products Made For Winter Skincare


    It is better to invest in products that are made to be used in winter, as these products will help in retaining moisture on the face for a long time and prevent damage due to cold. Look for products to be used in winter, read the ingredient list to see if all of the ingredients will do good to your skin or not, and then invest in them. If you are purchasing a new product for the first time, ensure to do a patch test before using it to check if it suits your skin or not. 


    4. Don't Skip Your SPF


    The sun is not going anywhere in the winter. The harmful rays from the sun can cause damage to you at any time of the year, regardless of the season. Invest in good sunscreen. Try reapplying it after every 4-5 hours. 


    5. Don't Forget Your Hand And Feet 


    Your hands and feet need just the same care as your face. Do not forget to moisturize your hands and feet thoroughly during the winter. You can use a hand cream to moisturize your hands, whereas petroleum jelly would do just fine to keep your feet moisturized. 


    6. Lip Balm Is A Must


    Chapped lips are a common issue during winter. Hence, a lip balm is extremely important to keep the lips hydrated and nourished all day long. You can reapply your lip balm every time your lips feel dry. 


    7. Overall Body Care Routine 


    Moisturizing the body using body lotions can help in keeping it soft and prevent itchy skin due to excessive dryness. You can also use body butter to moisturize. 


    8. Keep Yourself Hydrated 


    Drinking adequate water and other fluids like herbal teas is important to keep the skin hydrated from the outside. You can use a water tracking app to track your water intake. Or you can alternatively fill up 2-3 bottles with water and keep sipping on them to ensure that you are finishing them off by the end of the day. 


    9. Eat Well And Mindfully 


    During the winter, try eating foods packed with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids. Ensure you include more fruits and vegetables as these will help you not only in achieving good skin but also feeling healthy and energetic overall. Avoid eating excessive sugars, processed, fried, spicy, and junk foods. 


    10. Wear Comfortable Clothes 


    Many times, the clothes we wear may irritate the skin further. Especially in the winter, it is important to wear clothes that are soft on the skin. Before putting sweaters on, you can wear breathable clothes made of soft materials like cotton to make sure that the sweater doesn't irritate your skin. 


    Take Away


    Skincare during winter is extremely important. and more than skincare, what's important is doing it the right way and using the right products. Hence, before you invest in any skincare product, ensure you read the ingredient list correctly to see if there's any ingredient in it that you're allergic to. Before using anything new on the skin, make sure to do a patch test and wait for 24 hours to see how your skin reacts to it. Apart from this, ensure enough hydration and eat clean for healthy-looking skin. Lastly, practice stress management, as stress can wreak havoc on the skin and hair. follow the skincare tips in winter discussed above for healthy and glowing skin.


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