What Is Monkeypox All You Need To Know About Monkeypox

What Is Monkeypox All You Need To Know About Monkeypox
19 Dec 2022
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What Is Monkeypox All You Need To Know About Monkeypox

    Monkeypox has become the new talk of the town. With the cases of the disease on the rise, monkeypox is becoming a reason for major concern. On July 15, 2022, India confirmed its first case of monkeypox. With symptoms that are similar to the flu, there is no cure available for monkeypox as of now. In India, as of December 8, 2022, a total of 23 confirmed cases of Monkeypox were reported.


    But what exactly is this disease? Please keep reading to know more about monkeypox, its causes, symptoms, and treatment.

    What Is Monkeypox? 


    Monkeypox is an infection caused by the monkeypox virus. The symptoms of monkeypox are similar to that of smallpox. However, monkeypox symptoms are milder. 

    How Monkeypox Is Transmitted? 


    Monkeypox is a zoonotic disease. This means that monkeypox spreads from animals to humans and humans to animals (through bites and scratches, direct contact with the blood, body fluids, or sores of an infected animal). It can also spread from one person to another (direct contact with sores, respiratory secretions, contaminated belongings like clothes and bedding, and intimate contact). 


    Monkeypox Causes: 


    This disease is caused by the monkeypox virus. It is an enveloped double-stranded DNA virus belonging to the Orthopoxvirus genus and Poxviridae family. 

    Symptoms Of Monkeypox: 


    The various monkeypox symptoms are: 

    • Fever
    • Muscle aches
    • Back Pain
    • Swollen lymph nodes
    • Chills
    • Exhaustion
    • Headache


    After a few days of infection of monkeypox, a rash usually develops. These rashes begin as flat, red bumps that might be painful. The bumps eventually turn into blisters filled with pus. These blisters then crust over and eventually fall off. This entire process takes around 2 to 4 weeks.

    Can Monkeypox Be Treated?


    Monkeypox is a self-limited disease where the symptoms last for about two to four weeks. In most instances, the condition gets better on its own without treatment. Once diagnosed with monkeypox, the patient is monitored and treated for symptomatic relief. The care given to the patient includes adequate rest and plenty of liquids. 

    Currently, there is no treatment available to treat monkeypox. However, antiviral medications and vaccines developed to provide protection against smallpox might be used in the case of monkeypox by your healthcare provider as the monkeypox, and smallpox viruses are similar genetically. 


    Prevention Is Better Than Cure


    Since there is no cure available for monkeypox, the best thing to do is follow appropriate preventive measures. These preventive measures include,

    • Avoiding contact with things that have been contaminated with the virus
    • Washing hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water
    • Maintaining proper hygiene
    • Following proper safe sex practices like using condoms and dental dams
    • Covering the nose and mouth with a mask and maintaining proper social distancing
    • Wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE) while taking care of an infected patient
    • Sanitizing and disinfecting contaminated surfaces properly
    • Cooking foods, especially meat, properly


    Ever since the start of Monkeypox outbreak,  many people researched about frequently asked questions on Monkepox infection, its causes, prevention and treatment on the internet. These simple preventive tips can help you not only in preventing the risk of contracting the infection but will also help others if you are a carrier of the infection, as there is no monkeypox treatment available.

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