International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day
8 Mar 2023
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International Women’s Day

    "Every woman's success should be an inspiration to another. We're strongest when we cheer each other on."-Serena Williams.


    From rocket science to cricket pitch, literature to cinema, women are everywhere! The world has a long history of ambitious female performers who have left their mark in numerous disciplines through spectacular achievements. March 8 has been designated as a special day for women for over a century. Women are powerful, brave, bold, and invincible. With millions of mantras affirming women's existence every day, a dedicated day to honor women's achievements in all sectors of life is unquestionably necessary. International Women's Day has become a global celebration and activism for gender equality.


    We honor women in all their diversities. We accept them in all their aspects and irrespective of faith, color, ethnicity, gender, or sexual identity. We celebrate those who came before us, those who stand alongside us, and those who will follow before us. International Women's Day is a moment to honor women's accomplishments, irrespective of social, political, economic, or cultural.


    International Women's Day 2024 Theme


    The first International Women's Day was celebrated on the theme "Celebrating the Past, Planning for the Future". This year, we celebrate International Women's Day, which emphasizes the theme 'Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress".

    The United National Organisation has called on everyone to invest in five things, 

    Investing in women: Human rights issue, Ending poverty, Implementing gender-responsive financing, Shifting to a green economy and care society, Supporting feminist change-makers.


    International Women's Day Timeline 


    • 1908 - In New York, 15,000 women marched to the streets to demand shorter hours, higher pay, and voting rights against a backdrop of terrible working conditions and exploitation.
    • 1909 - To honor the protesters, the Socialist Party of America declared a National Women's Day.
    • 1910 - The Socialist International established a Women's Day to campaign for suffrage.
    • 1911 - The first International Women's Day was observed in 1911 when over a million people attended rallies across Europe.
    • 1965 - The women's liberation movement fights for equality in politics, employment, family, and sexuality and the right to vote for all women.
    • 2000 - With the rise of the internet, the message of feminism became more united and focused.


    Embrace Equity!


    Women are slowly stepping away from the chains of patriarchy daily, making them a more powerful force to be reckoned with in modern times. 

    The goal and features of International Women's Day are underpinned and guided by three basic beliefs.

    • Identifying, appreciating, and making visible women's accomplishments can assist in developing equality.
    • Strategic collaborations based on a shared purpose, trust, and gratitude can greatly impact women.
    • Global awareness should be raised through telling meaningful tales, resources, and activities that can assist in combating gender bias and discrimination and accelerating gender parity.


    Tips To Manage Work-Life Balance


    Every working woman is a superhero because juggling two completely different lives is difficult. Working mothers put tremendous effort, attention, and time into their professions and families. Women frequently struggle to make ends meet, resulting in significant stress, exhaustion, and even anxiety. 

    If a woman doesn't have a proper work-life balance, it can lead to more women's health concerns like irregular menstruation, improper digestion, hair loss, depression, anxiety, and weight gain. 


    To assist all out there, here are some strategies for women to balance career and family life.


    1. Embrace yourself and make your health a priority
    2. Built two-way communication between your partner
    3. Give yourself some time and take short breaks
    4. Establish definite boundaries
    5. Get rid of negative energy
    6. Manage your time and priority with timelines
    7. Connect with other people and yourself
    8. Improve sleep quality and stoke your passions


    Prioritize Health to Achieve More!


    In the race for womanhood, everyone is dealing with their own battles and achieving victories in day-to-day life. However, at times, women often need to remember to prioritize their health, which poses a hindrance on the path to success. Here are some sectors we need to take care of:


    • Regular Check-ups:

    The World Health Organization emphasizes that women all over the world take care of their health by doing regular checks of blood pressure, blood glucose level, body mass index, bone density screening, breast cancer screening, colorectal cancer screening, dental check-ups, lipid profile check-ups, cervical cancer screening, skin examination and visual and hearing examination. Women after menopause are advised to schedule routine health check-ups, screenings, and preventive exams such as mammograms and Pap smears.


    • Balanced Nutrition:

    It is recommended to eat a healthy diet to maintain overall health and improve the lifestyle of individuals. Women of childbearing age, pregnancy, adolescence, and menopause should eat healthy meals to compensate for their nutritional requirements.


    • Regular Exercise:

    It is recommended that women need to maintain a healthy weight to prevent the risk of obesity. Doing regular physical activity like walking, jogging and running can help to maintain your weight and reduce the risk of obesity related health issues.


    • Adequate Sleep:

    Women should always be aware of their sleep cycle, it will help them to improve their overall health and also prevent their body from stress.


    • Stress Management:

    Nowadays, every woman worker faces a lot of stress in their daily life, which paves the way for many health-related problems. Practice stress-reducing techniques like meditation, deep breathing exercises, yoga, or mindfulness, which can help you reduce stress and improve your overall well-being.


    • Preventive Measures:

    Every woman should take a step toward prevention measures like HPV vaccination and avoiding smoking and drinking habits, which help to protect them from most of the health issues that affect their success.


    There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.


    The world is proud to have a female sky warrior, a missile woman, and a wrestling queen who went far and away to accomplish their dreams. International Women's Day is a worldwide celebration of women's social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. The day also serves as a campaign slogan for greater gender equality. Worldwide, there is a lot of activity as people join together to celebrate women's achievements or to fight for women's equality. We all have to contribute our part to achieve dreams and gender equality, and we wish all the women out there a very happy International Women's Day!

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