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Adcumin 30gm Gel

Prescription Required

Salt Composition : Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine


Origin of Medicine : India

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1 Tube Of 30gm

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Introduction to Adcumin 30gm Gel

Adcumin 30gm gel is used to treat radiodermatitis and hand-foot syndrome. Radiodermatitis is the most common side effect of radiotherapy. The symptoms of radiodermatitis vary between people and radiation doses. The symptoms are skin redness, swelling, dry and peeling skin, blisters, and ulcers. Hand-foot syndrome is a side effect of chemotherapy. The symptoms are numbness, tenderness, tingling, and swelling. In severe cases, patients might struggle to use their hands or walk. Adcumin 30gm gel also treats peripheral neuropathy (pain and weakness in hands and feet due to damaged nerves) and diabetic neuropathy (a painful nervous disorder caused by diabetes) associated with cancer treatment. 

Before applying this gel, check with your doctor if you are allergic to its ingredients. Also, get your physician's advice if you have any skin condition before using the adcumin 30gm gel. Talk to your physician if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before using this gel.

Uses of Adcumin 30gm Gel

  • Radiodermatitis
  • Hand-foot syndrome
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Diabetic neuropathy

Therapeutic Effects of Adcumin 30gm Gel

Adcumin 30gm gel promotes skin regeneration in the affected part, rejuvenates the damaged neuron, and reduces pain associated with these conditions.

Interaction of Adcumin 30gm Gel with other drugs

Though there are no potential drug interactions reported while using adcumin 30gm gel, inform your doctor about any medications you are taking or have taken before.

More Information about Adcumin 30gm Gel

  • Store below 25°C.
  • Protect from light.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not use it after the expiry date

How to consume Adcumin 30gm Gel

Always use adcumin 30gm gel exactly as your physician has told you. Apply the gel to the affected part. Use only when recommended by your doctor.

Safety Advices for Adcumin 30gm Gel

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If you are pregnant, think you may get pregnant, or planning to have a baby, check with your doctor for advice before using adcumin 30gm gel.

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Breast Feeding


If you are breastfeeding, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before using adcumin 30gm gel.

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Check with your doctor for lung-related problems before using adcumin 30gm gel.

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Check with your doctor for liver-related problems before using adcumin 30gm gel.

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Adcumin 30gm gel does not have any potential interaction with alcohol. It is safe for use in alcoholics.

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Adcumin 30gm gel does not affect your driving ability. It is safe to drive or operate heavy machines.

Side Effects of Adcumin 30gm Gel

Side effects are unwanted symptoms caused by medicines. Even though all medicines cause side effects, not everyone gets them.


  • Allergic reactions (hypersensitivity)

Word of Advice

When using adcumin 30gm gel, prioritize your well-being by adhering to safety guidelines. Follow your healthcare provider's instructions for application, avoiding use on broken or irritated skin. After application, wash your hands thoroughly and steer clear of contact with eyes, nose, mouth, and sensitive areas. If you encounter allergic reactions like rash, itching, swelling, or breathing difficulties, discontinue use and seek prompt medical attention. Inform your healthcare provider about all medications or skin products to prevent potential interactions. For any concerns or queries, consult your healthcare provider for personalized advice.


Q 1. Is it safe to use adcumin 30gm gel if I have sensitive skin or a history of allergies?

If you have sensitive skin or a history of allergies should consult your healthcare provider before using adcumin 30gm gel. While it's formulated for topical use, individual skin reactions can vary. It's important to do a patch test and observe any adverse reactions before applying it to larger areas of the skin.

Q 2. How long does it take for adcumin 30gm gel to show noticeable improvement in skin conditions such as inflammation or irritation?

The time it takes to get the improvements can vary based on the specific skin condition and individual response. Some patients might experience relief within a few days, while others may require more time. Follow the recommended usage guidelines the healthcare provider provides and be patient with the treatment process.

Q 3. Can I use other skincare products or medications alongside adcumin 30gm gel?

It's important to discuss the use of other skincare products or medications with your healthcare provider. Certain products or medications might interact with adcumin 30gm gel, affecting its effectiveness or causing adverse reactions. Your healthcare provider can provide the guidance on the compatibility of this gel with other skincare treatments or medications you might be using.

Fact Box of Adcumin 30gm Gel

Molecule Name: Adcumin 30gm Gel

Therapeutic class: Ayurvedic proprietary medicine

Pharmacological class: Ayurvedic proprietary medicine


1. Radiodermatitis

2. Hand-foot syndrome

3. Peripheral neuropathy

4. Diabetic neuropathy


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  2. Johannes JM Kwakman et al; Management of cytotoxic chemotherapy-induced hand-foot syndrome; Oncology Reviews; Published on 18/02/2020; Accessed on 25/08/2021;


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