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Gamma Safe 5% Injection_202081
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Gamma Safe 5% Injection

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Salt Composition : Human Normal Immunoglobulin

Manufacturer : HALSTED PHARMA

Origin of Medicine : India

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Introduction to Gamma Safe 5% Injection

Gamma Safe 5% Injection is an immunostimulant drug in the category of immunoglobulin derivatives, containing the active ingredient Human Normal Immunoglobulin. It is used as a replacement therapy for individuals with primary immunodeficiency disorders (PIDs), where the body's immune system cannot produce sufficient antibodies to fight off infections. The medication is also used to modulate or regulate the immune system in certain autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. It can help reduce excessive inflammation and suppress abnormal immune responses.

This drug is contraindicated in individuals with known hypersensitivity or allergy to it or its component. Stop taking this tablet and contact your doctor immediately if you develop a rash or skin symptoms. If you have a selective IgA deficiency, there is a risk of developing antibodies against IgA. In such cases, normal human immunoglobulin should be used cautiously or avoided altogether. Inform your physician if you have a history of IgA deficiency. After receiving Gamma Safe 5% Injection, it is possible to experience a temporary decrease in the concentration of white blood cells, a condition named as neutropenia (low neutrophil count) which resolves spontaneously within a week.

The administration of normal human immunoglobulin may interfere with the effectiveness of live attenuated vaccines. It is advisable to avoid live vaccines for a certain period after receiving this drug. The overdose of Gamma Safe 5% Injection may lead to fluid overload, particularly in patients with pre-existing heart failure or compromised renal function. Patients with such conditions should be carefully monitored during infusion. Inform your doctor of any heart, thyroid, kidney, or liver disease. Your physician may prescribe you a low dose and perform regular blood tests. The use of this medicine during pregnancy or breastfeeding should be discussed with your physician. 

Uses of Gamma Safe 5% Injection

  • Treat inflammatory disorders
  • Primary immunodeficiency disease (PID)

Therapeutic Effects of Gamma Safe 5% Injection

Gamma Safe 5% Injection works by restoring the immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies. It directly binds to the Fc fragment-specific receptors and acts against inflammatory mediators. It induces cell death in B and T cells, eventually reducing inflammation and the severity of infections.

Interaction of Gamma Safe 5% Injection with other drugs

Inform your physician about any prescribed medications, over-the-counter medicines, nutritional or vitamin supplements, and herbal products you take or have taken before the treatment. Certain medications may interact with Gamma Safe 5% Injection and cause undesirable side effects.

More Information about Gamma Safe 5% Injection

  • Store Gamma Safe 5% Injection in a refrigerator (2°C- 8°C).
  • Do not freeze.

How to consume Gamma Safe 5% Injection

Gamma Safe 5% Injection is usually administered through a vein (intravenously) by your physician in a hospital setting. Your physician will decide the correct dosage and duration based on age, body weight, and disease condition. 

Safety Advices for Gamma Safe 5% Injection

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Gamma Safe 5% Injections should be taken if it is necessary during pregnancy. Report to your doctor if you are pregnant, suspecting, or planning for the pregnancy before starting the treatment. 

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Breast Feeding


Gamma Safe 5% Injections should be taken if it is necessary during breastfeeding. Consult your doctor for more advice.

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It is unknown whether Gamma Safe 5% Injection is safe for patients with lung problems. Contact your doctor if you experience any lung-related symptoms.

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Inform your doctor if you have liver disease because Gamma Safe 5% Injection should be used cautiously with a liver condition.

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It is unknown whether consuming alcohol while taking a Gamma Safe 5% Injection is safe. Please speak with your physician.

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Driving vehicles or operating machinery while taking Gamma Safe 5% Injection is unsafe because it may cause a lack of coordination and concentration. 

Side Effects of Gamma Safe 5% Injection

Side Effects are unwanted symptoms caused by medicines. Although all medicines cause side effects, not everyone gets them.


  • Severe allergic reaction (rash, itching, swelling of lips, tongue, wheezing, difficulty breathing, low blood pressure with confusion, dizziness, fainting)
  • Meningitis (inflammation of the brain)
  • Respiratory failure
  • Migraine
  • High blood pressure
  • Blood clot in lungs
  • Rupturing of red blood cells


  • Rash
  • Itching
  • Wheezing
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Swelling of the eyelids
  • Fever
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Low BP

Word of Advice

If you have a current or past history of a kidney disorder, it is important to inform your physician. They will exercise caution and closely monitor your kidney function during treatment with Gamma Safe 5% Injection. Eat a well-balanced diet. You should avoid driving or handling machines if you feel dizzy or tired. Do not touch or rub your skin after injecting this medicine. Wear loose-fitting clothing to avoid discomfort.


Q 1. How long does it take for Gamma Safe 5% Injection to work?

It usually takes 30 to 60 minutes of administration for Gamma Safe 5% Injection to start working.

Q 2. How is Gamma Safe 5% Injection administered?

Gamma Safe 5% Injection is available as a solution for injection, intended for intravenous administration. Your healthcare provider will calculate the accurate dose and duration of this treatment based on your condition and administer this medication as an intravenous infusion.

Q 3. What should you not take with Gamma Safe 5% Injection?

Avoid receiving live vaccines for measles, mumps, rotavirus, varicella, influenza, and rubella while on treatment with Gamma Safe 5% Injection.

Q 4. How do you know if Gamma Safe 5% Injection therapy works for you?.

It may take up to 4 weeks of regular Gamma Safe 5% Injection therapy to notice a steady improvement in your symptoms. Your healthcare provider will suggest a suitable alternative if you do not notice any changes

Q 5. What are the common side effects of Gamma Safe 5% Injection?

The common side effects of Gamma Safe 5% Injection are rash, itching, wheezing, difficulty in breathing, swelling of the eyelids, face, lips, throat, or tongue, extremely low blood pressure with symptoms like dizziness, confusion, fainting, and a fast pulse.

Fact Box of Gamma Safe 5% Injection

Molecule Name: Human Normal Immunoglobulin 

Therapeutic class:  Immunostimulants

Pharmacological class: Immunoglobulin derivatives


1. Treat inflammatory disorders

2. Primary immunodeficiency diseases (PID)


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