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Picasa Syrup

Prescription Required

Salt Composition : Posaconazole


Origin of Medicine : India

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1 Bottle(s) Of 105ml

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Introduction to Picasa Syrup

Picasa Syrup belongs to a class of drugs called azole antifungals containing the active ingredient Posaconazole. It is used to treat and prevent certain fungal infections. The medication is commonly prescribed for preventing and treating invasive fungal infections in patients with weak immune systems, such as those undergoing cancer chemotherapy, stem cell transplantation, or those with HIV/AIDS. It also treats certain fungal infections in individuals who cannot tolerate or have not responded to other antifungal treatments.

This drug is contraindicated in individuals with known hypersensitivity or allergy to other antifungal medications like ketoconazole, fluconazole, itraconazole, or voriconazole. Before taking Picasa Syrup, it is necessary to consult with your physician if you have certain heart conditions like abnormal heart rhythm (long QTc interval), weakness of the heart muscle, heart failure, or any heart rhythm disturbances, or if you experience severe kidney problems, diarrhea or vomiting while on treatment with this drug, it's important to inform your physician immediately, as these conditions may affect the medicine's effectiveness.

Picasa Syrup may affect the levels of potassium, magnesium, or calcium in the blood. If you have any problems with these electrolyte levels, your doctor will monitor you closely during treatment. If you are taking medications such as vincristine, vinblastine, or any other vinca alkaloids drugs which are used to treat cancer, you should also inform your physician before initiating the treatment. If you are pregnant, use this drug only if your doctor advises. Consuming this drug while breastfeeding may be unsafe because it passes into breast milk and affects the child. Do not breastfeed while taking this medicine.

Uses of Picasa Syrup

  • Treatment of fungal infections

Therapeutic Effects of Picasa Syrup

Picasa Syrup works by inhibiting the synthesis of ergosterol, a vital component of the fungal cell membrane. This disruption weakens the membrane, leading to cell death, and effectively treats fungal infections.

Interaction of Picasa Syrup with other drugs

Inform your physician about all your medicines, including prescription, over-the-counter, nutritional or vitamin supplements, and herbal products. Certain medications such as terfenadine, astemizole, cisapride, pimozide, halofantrine, and quinidine may interact with Picasa Syrup and reduce effectiveness by causing undesirable side effects.

More Information about Picasa Syrup

  • Store Picasa Syrup below (30°C).
  • Protect from light and moisture.

How to consume Picasa Syrup

It is necessary to take the syrup as directed by the physician. Shake the Picasa Syrup well before use. Do not freeze and any syrup left in a bottle more than four weeks after it was first opened should not be used.

Safety Advices for Picasa Syrup

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If you are pregnant, suspecting, or planning for the pregnancy, consult your doctor for more advice before taking Picasa Syrup.

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Breast Feeding


Taking Picasa Syrup while breastfeeding may be unsafe because it passes into breast milk and affects the child. Do not breastfeed while taking this medicine.

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It is unknown whether Picasa Syrup is safe for patients with lung problems. Inform your physician if you have lung disease before starting the treatment. 

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Inform your doctor if you have liver disease because the Picasa Syrup should be used cautiously with a liver condition.

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It is unknown whether consuming alcohol during treatment with Picasa Syrup is safe. Please speak with your physician.

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Some side effects of Picasa Syrup may impair your ability to drive or operate machinery safely. It is unsafe to consume this drug.

Side Effects of Picasa Syrup

Side effects are unwanted symptoms caused by medicines. Even though all drugs cause side effects, not everyone gets them.


  • Serious allergic reactions
  • Skin rash or ulcers in the mouth, bruising, pale skin
  • Yellow discoloration of eyes and skin, abdominal pain


  • Loss of appetite
  • Low white blood cells
  • Mild increase in blood pressure
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Rectal discomfort

Word of Advice

Before taking this drug, your doctor will likely assess your medical history and perform any necessary tests to determine if it suits your specific condition. They will also provide instructions on taking the medication properly and monitoring your progress during treatment. If you have been prescribed Picasa Syrup and have any questions or concerns about the medication or its potential side effects, be sure to discuss them with your physician for better clarification.


Q 1. What conditions does Picasa Syrup treat?

Picasa Syrup treats and prevents invasive fungal infections caused by certain fungi, such as Aspergillus and Candida species. It is commonly prescribed for patients undergoing cancer chemotherapy, stem cell transplantation, or those with HIV/AIDS.

Q 2. What formulations are available for Picasa Syrup?

Picasa Syrup is available in different formulations, including oral suspension, syrup, delayed-release tablets, and intravenous (IV) infusion. The specific formulation and dosing will depend on the individual's condition and the physician's recommendation.

Q 3. Are there any precautions or contraindications for using Picasa Syrup?

Individuals who have had an allergic reaction to other azole antifungal medications, those with certain heart conditions, liver problems, or abnormal potassium, magnesium, or calcium levels in the blood should exercise caution or avoid Picasa Syrup. Always inform your physician about your medical history before initiating the treatment.

Q 4. Are there any side effects associated with Picasa Syrup?

Common side effects of Picasa Syrup include nausea, diarrhea, headache, and abdominal pain. Serious side effects are rare but may also include liver problems and allergic reactions. If you experience any concerning side effects, contact your physician immediately.

Q 5. Can pregnant or breastfeeding individuals take Picasa Syrup?

Picasa Syrup may not be safe during pregnancy, and its use during breastfeeding is not recommended. If you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding, discuss the risks and benefits of this drug with your doctor.

Fact Box of Picasa Syrup

Molecule name: Posaconazole

Therapeutic class: Antifungal

Pharmacological class:  Azole derivative

Indications: Treatment of fungal infections


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