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Xalipat 100mg Injection 50ml_200179
Xalipat 100mg Injection 50ml_200179
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Xalipat 100mg Injection 50ml

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Salt Composition : Oxaliplatin


Origin of Medicine : India

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Introduction to Xalipat 100mg Injection 50ml

Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection belongs to the group of medications called platinum-based antineoplastic agents. It consists of the active ingredient Oxaliplatin. It is prescribed to treat stage 3 colon cancer after resectioning (surgical removal) of the primary tumor, metastatic colon and rectum cancer. It is used in combination with other anti-cancer medicines. Colorectal cancer is cancer that usually develops in the rectum and large intestine. It develops from the accumulation of various genetic mutations. Both environmental and genetic factors play a significant role in the origin of colorectal cancer. This medicine works against tumors that are resistant to cisplatin therapy.

The common side effects that are likely to associate with Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection are a reduced number of blood cells, unpleasant sensation in the throat, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, heartburn, blood clots, blood in urine, high blood pressure, depression, insomnia, low calcium level. Inform your doctor if these side effects disturb or persist in you.

Inform your doctor if you are allergic to Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection and its ingredients. Before starting treatment with this medication, inform your physician if you have moderate or mild kidney problems, liver problems, or heart disorders. Tell your doctor about all the medicines you are taking, including vaccinations. It is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.   

Uses of Xalipat 100mg Injection 50ml

  • Treatment of colon and rectal cancer.

Therapeutic Effects of Xalipat 100mg Injection 50ml

Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection works by damaging the genetic material, such as DNA and RNA of the cancer cells, that interferes with the growth of cancer cells. It stops their growth and multiplication of cancer cells. 

Interaction of Xalipat 100mg Injection 50ml with other drugs

Inform your doctor about any prescribed medications, over-the-counter medicines, nutritional and vitamin supplements, and herbal products you take or have taken before the treatment. Certain medications may interact with Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection and cause undesirable side effects. 

More Information about Xalipat 100mg Injection 50ml

  • Store at a temperature below 30°C.
  • Protect from light.

How to consume Xalipat 100mg Injection 50ml

Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection is given by slow injection into one of your veins (an intravenous infusion) over 2 to 6 hours. Your physician will prescribe a dose according to your body surface area.

Safety Advices for Xalipat 100mg Injection 50ml

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Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection is unsafe to use during pregnancy; hence it is not recommended. Women should use effective contraception during and after the 4 months of treatment. 

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Breast Feeding


It is unsafe to breastfeed during treatment with Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection. Your physician might suggest you stop breastfeeding for some time, depending on your condition.

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Inform your physician before taking Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection if you have if you have any lung conditions. 

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Inform your physician before starting treatment with Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection if you have liver disease or abnormal liver function. Your physician will prescribe the dose accordingly.

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It is unknown whether it is safe to consume alcohol with Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection. Consult your doctor for any concerns regarding this.

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Avoid driving or using machinery if you experience side effects like dizziness, nausea, vomiting, vision problems, and other neurological symptoms.

Side Effects of Xalipat 100mg Injection 50ml

Side Effects

Side effects are unwanted symptoms caused by medicines. Even though all drugs cause side effects, not everyone gets them.


  • Abnormal bleeding or bruising
  • Severe allergic reactions
  • Continuous diarrhea and vomiting
  • Sore throat and fever
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Muscle pain and weakness
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Extreme tiredness and breathlessness
  • Headache
  • Altered mental function
  • Blurred vision
  • Seizures


  • A reduced number of blood cells
  • Unpleasant sensation in the throat
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • High risk of infections
  • Indigestion and heartburn
  • Blood in urine
  • Blood clots
  • High BP
  • Depression and insomnia
  • Low levels of calcium in the blood

Word of Advice

It is suggested that women should use effective birth control for at least four weeks before starting and during treatment with Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection. Male patients are advised to use effective contraception during therapy and six months after treatment to avoid fathering children.  Before receiving Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection treatment, male patients should get advice on sperm conservation. Pregnant women should not use or handle this drug since it contains cytotoxic substances. This medication is handled exclusively by healthcare professionals who use sterile single-use gloves, protective masks, hats, and goggles. Vaccinations should be avoided when using this drug since they may cause serious side effects.


Q 1. What is Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection used for?

Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection is used to treat colon and rectal cancer. It belongs to the group of medications called Platinum-based antineoplastic agents.

Q 2. Who is contraindicated to taking Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection?

Patients with severe kidney problems, low blood cells, tingling, and numbness in the fingers and breastfeeding mothers should not use Xalipat 100mg/50mlInjection. It is also not recommended for patients who are allergic to Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection and its ingredients.

Q 3. Is it safe to become a father while taking Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection?

It is unsafe to become a father while on treatment and six months after treatment. Hence, effective contraceptives must be used during this time. Before receiving Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection treatment, male patients should get advice on sperm conservation.

Q 4. Can I drive while taking Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection?

Treatment with Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection may raise the risk of dizziness, nausea, vomiting, vision problems, and other neurological symptoms that affect walking and balance. Therefore, when receiving Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection treatment, avoid operating heavy machinery and driving.

Q 5. Can I take vaccinations while taking Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection?

No, you should not get vaccinated with "live" or "attenuated" vaccinations, like the yellow fever vaccine, as it may weaken the immune system and cause severe adverse effects. Hence, without consulting your healthcare provider, this medication should not be taken with any vaccinations.

Q 6. Is it safe to handle Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection while pregnant?

No, Pregnant women should avoid handling Xalipat 100mg/50ml Injection as it contains cytotoxic agents.

Fact Box of Xalipat 100mg Injection 50ml

Molecule name: Oxaliplatin 

Therapeutic class: Platinum compounds

Pharmacological class: Antineoplastic or anti-cancer agent


1. Treatment of colon and rectal cancer.


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