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Background and Date of Approval

The U.S. FDA approved Edaravone on May 12, 2022. Edaravone is a free radical scavenger that belongs to the group of medicines called neuroprotective agents with antioxidant properties.

Mechanism of Action of undefined

Edaravone acts as a free radical scavenger, reducing oxidative stress and potentially protecting nerve cells, particularly in conditions like ALS.

Uses of undefined

Edaravone is a medication used to treat amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Edaravone is thought to work by reducing the damage caused by free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can damage cells.

undefined Drug administaration and Dosage available

Edaravone will be administered to you by a healthcare professional in a hospital setting. It is usually administered in a vein (intravenous) infusion, available in the strength of 1.5mg. Your doctor will decide the dose, route of administration, and frequency based on your disease condition and other factors.

Warnings, Precautions and Side Effects of undefined


Do not use Edaravone if you are allergic to Edaravone or any of its ingredients. This medicine contains sodium bisulfite, which can trigger allergies like anaphylactic reactions and asthma in some people. Discuss any allergies or concerns with your healthcare provider before using it. During the treatment, it's crucial to monitor liver function and blood cell counts for potential adverse effects. Caution should be exercised in individuals with a history of drug allergies or adverse reactions.


Before starting the treatment, inform your doctor about all medications, supplements, and herbal products in use to assess potential interactions. Before taking the medicine, notify your doctor if you are pregnant, planning to get pregnant, or think you may be pregnant or are breastfeeding. The safety and effectiveness of the medicine have not been confirmed for use in children. Limited information on using Edaravone in patients with liver disease is available. Therefore,  it should be used with caution in patients with severe liver disease. It is crucial to consult your doctor before considering its usage to ensure it is safe and appropriate for your condition. Your doctor may monitor liver function to avoid the side effects.

Side Effects

Edaravone's most common side effects are bruising, walking problems, and headaches. Serious side effects while taking Edaravone are hypersensitivity reaction (swelling of the lips, tongue, face, fainting, dizziness, wheezing, itching, breathing problems, rash, asthma attack).

Word Of Advice

Follow your doctor's recommendations closely throughout the process. If you experience any concerning symptoms or side effects, be sure to inform your healthcare provider immediately. Do not breastfeed while taking Edaravone injection unless it is recommended by your doctor. Your medical professional will inform you if you need any dose adjustments. Contact your doctor for more information. Contact your doctor for more information. Keep out of sight and reach of pets and children. Do not freeze the medicine. Do not store above 30°C. Always check the expiry date before consuming it.

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