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Background and Date of Approval

Sodium acid phosphate is approved as a nutritional supplement to treat high calcium levels in hyperparathyroidism.

Mechanism of Action of undefined

In the case of hypercalcemia, the phosphate ions bind to the calcium in the gut and decrease calcium absorption in the blood. The sodium ions help prevent dehydration by correcting the sodium levels to maintain an electrolyte balance. Since the levels of phosphates and calcium are inversely related, sodium acid phosphate reduces the calcium levels by increasing the phosphate count in the blood.

Uses of undefined

Sodium acid phosphate is used to treat high levels of calcium present in the body, which has developed due to the overactive parathyroid gland.

undefined Drug administaration and Dosage available

Sodium acid phosphate is available in the form of granules. The dose and frequency vary according to body weight and disease condition.

Warnings, Precautions and Side Effects of undefined


It is recommended to avoid concomitant intake of vitamin d and calcium supplements to prevent the risk of hyperphosphatemia, a condition of high phosphate levels in the blood. Before taking sodium acid phosphate granules, it is essential to monitor the electrolytes, mainly phosphates, calcium, and sodium. This medicine is to be used with caution for those with electrolyte imbalance and heart and kidney disease.


Sodium acid phosphate usually doesn’t impact pregnant women's and breastfeeding mothers' health. However, exercise caution and discuss with your doctor before using these supplements or any combination tablets during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is advised to consult your physician regarding the dose and frequency since the dosage is calculated per body weight. Avoid taking antacids while consuming sodium acid phosphate granules as salts such as aluminium hydroxide and calcium or magnesium contents tend to reduce the efficacy of these granules.

Side Effects

Sodium acid phosphate is not associated with any serious side effects. However, nausea and diarrhoea are the most common side effects.

Word Of Advice

For optimal results with sodium phosphate granules, adhere closely to your prescribed dosage, taking it with a glass of water and preferably with meals. Stay well-hydrated unless advised otherwise. Regularly monitor electrolyte levels and attend follow-up appointments. Inform your healthcare provider about any allergies or ongoing medications. Exercise caution when operating machinery, especially if experiencing dizziness. Maintain an updated medication list. In case of severe side effects, seek immediate medical attention. Consider a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, but consult your doctor regarding supplements. Open communication with your healthcare team is essential for a safe and effective treatment journey.

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