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Background and Date of Approval

Triptorelin was approved for its medical use on 15th June 2000 by the US Food and Drug Administration. It is a medication that belongs to a class of drugs known as gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) analogs. It is primarily used in the field of reproductive medicine for the treatment of various conditions related to hormonal imbalance.

Mechanism of Action of undefined

Triptorelin exerts its therapeutic effect by suppressing the release of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) through its action on the pituitary gland. This suppression leads to a decrease in the production of sex hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen. By reducing the levels of these hormones, this medication is beneficial in treating hormone-dependent conditions such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, and endometriosis. 

Uses of undefined

Triptorelin is used for the treatment of Prostate cancer in men, Early onset puberty in children 2 years of age and older (precocious puberty) and used to treat Endometriosis in females - a condition in which the tissue that normally lines the uterus—grows outside of it.

undefined Drug administaration and Dosage available

Triptorelin is available as a vial for injection in the doses 3.75mg, 11.25mg and 22.5mg.  It is administered as an intramuscular injection into either of the buttocks. Triptorelin is typically administered via injection, either subcutaneously (under the skin) or intramuscularly (into the muscle). The specific dosing and frequency of administration will depend on the individual's condition being treated and their response to the medication. It is important to follow the healthcare professional's instructions regarding the administration technique and schedule. 

Warnings, Precautions and Side Effects of undefined


It is not recommended to use Triptorelin in individuals who have a known hypersensitivity or allergic reaction to the medication or any of its components. The safety and effectiveness of this medication have not been established in children, so a healthcare professional will carefully consider and monitor its use in this population.  It is recommended that you must utilize a method of contraception other than the pill while undergoing therapy. Your physician could advise using a barrier form of birth control, like a condom or diaphragm.  It is not recommended to use triptorelin in pregnant and nursing individuals. 


Adults on triptorelin may develop osteoporosis, Therefore, if you or anyone in your immediate family has bone thinning, you should inform your doctor. There may be a risk of development of depression in individuals, hence beware of any mood changes during the course of treatment.   Triptorelin may have cardiovascular effects, including an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. It should be used cautiously in individuals with a history of cardiovascular disease or those at increased risk. It is necessary to inform your doctor if you have diabetes or heart conditions.  It is advised to inform your doctor about all the medicines you are taking including herbal, vitamin supplements and over the counter medicines before starting the treatment. 

Side Effects

The common side effects that are likely to occur while you are on the treatment with Triptorelin Injection are Hot flushes, Weakness, Excessive sweating, Back pain, Impotence, Nausea, Dry mouth, Headache, Decreased libido and Painful periods. However, some of the patients may experience some serious side effects like Severe allergic reaction (angioedema, anaphylactic reaction). Swallowing or breathing trouble, Increased lymphocyte count in the blood and swelling of lips, tongue or throat. 

Word Of Advice

Triptorelin can cause urinary tract infection. Hence, it is advised to consume plenty of water during the treatment and reach out to your healthcare provider if you experience discomfort. It is important to use Triptorelin with caution and adhere to the following precautions to ensure its safe and effective use. First, always use under the supervision and guidance of a healthcare professional who can monitor your progress and make necessary adjustments to your treatment plan. Inform your healthcare professional about any existing medical conditions, including liver impairment, lung conditions, or pregnancy or breastfeeding, as it may have specific considerations or contraindications in these cases. Adhere to the prescribed dosage and administration instructions, and do not adjust the dose without consulting your healthcare professional.

Be aware of possible side effects, such as hot flashes, mood changes, or fatigue, and promptly report any concerning or persistent symptoms to your healthcare professional. Regular follow-up appointments and monitoring are essential to assess your response to this medication and address any concerns or issues that may arise. By taking these precautions and maintaining open communication with your healthcare professional, you can maximize the benefits of this medication while minimizing potential risks.

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