World Arthritis Day 2022

World Arthritis Day 2022
12 Oct 2022
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World Arthritis Day 2022

    World Arthritis Day is celebrated every year globally on the 12th of October. Arthritis And Rheumatism International (ARI) initiated World Arthritis Day for the first time in 1996. This day is observed to create and raise awareness about the condition and symptoms of arthritis, and to mark the importance of getting it diagnosed early to enable early and proper treatment as soon as possible.

    To celebrate this World Arthritis Day 2022, Let’s debunk some myths about arthritis and symptoms to watch out for 

    Top 6 Myths And Facts About Arthritis 


    Myth 1: Arthritis Affects Only The Elderly 


    Fact: Although arthritis is common in elderly, it can affect anyone regardless of age. For example, Juvenile arthritis is a common condition seen in children. 

    Myth 2: Any Pain In The Joints Is Arthritis.


    Fact: Not every pain is joint pain. Certain conditions like tendonitis, bursitis, or injuries may also lead to joint pain. However, it is essential to get the pain properly diagnosed by a doctor. 

    Myth 3: If You Have Arthritis, Then Exercise Is A Big No.


    Fact: Exercising with arthritis can improve strength, motion, and flexibility. People with arthritis should indulge in various exercises like stretching or walking. But, before beginning any workout routine, it is important to take advice from your doctor. 

    Myth 4: You Cannot Prevent Arthritis.


    Fact: Although arthritis cannot be completely prevented, its risk or onset can be reduced. Some risk factors, like family history and gender, are not in our control. However, some risk factors, like obesity, can be controlled. Maintaining a healthy weight by eating healthy food and exercising regularly, not smoking, and preventing injuries can help in reducing the risk of arthritis. 

    Myth 5: There’s Nothing That Can Be Done About Arthritis. 


    Fact:  Although arthritis cannot be cured, recent advances in treatment have proved to be highly effective in improving the symptoms and slowing down the progression of the condition. Healthy lifestyle measures like a good diet and regular exercise, not smoking and getting proper sleep can help slow down the progression of certain types of arthritis. 

    Myth 6: Developing Arthritis With Aging Is Normal


    Fact: It is not true that arthritis is normal while aging. Although aging is a risk factor for developing arthritis, it is not completely true, as arthritis can happen at any age, even in childhood. 

    Watch Out For The Following Symptoms


    The symptoms of arthritis depend upon the type you have. The symptoms experienced by the patient might be mild or severe. However, the common symptoms of arthritis include:


    • Pain, swelling, and redness in the joints
    • Decreased range of motion
    • Fever
    • Rash or itch
    • Stiffness

    The Final Note


    Many times, we all experience joint pain. In most instances, we choose to ignore it by making assumptions about the pain or normalizing it, thinking it will ease on its own. But it is also essential to watch out if the pain persists or intensifies. 


    Many people believe that arthritis cannot be treated and that they are now dependent on others. However, it is not true. While there is no cure for this condition, treatment available today can help ease the symptoms. This World Arthritis Day 2022, spread the word and raise awareness about the arthritis condition by informing people about its myths, types of arthritis and its symptoms, and various treatment options available. Help those affected by this condition by informing them how they can approach the right people, like doctors, social workers, etc., to get this condition diagnosed and start its early treatment. 

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